YouTube Launches New School Channel

YouTube for Schools

Parents and teachers rejoice!  No more endless sifting through content to find something
appropriate for a lesson in class.  Google has just launched YouTube for Schools, a new site that
provides safe access to over 450,000  educational videos on YouTube EDU.  It also filters out all the “distracting” stuff, so students can browse thousands of educational videos without burning brain cells viewing empty viral fluff like “Baby Eating Watermelon”.

Here’s how it works:  Content is filtered into 400 playlists, with more to come, first by subject
including math, English, science, social studies and more.  All of this is then filtered by age
groups.  Schools can even customize the content available in their school.

Student access to YouTube for Schools is strictly controlled.  School admins and teachers can log in and watch any video, but students cannot log in and can only watch YouTube EDU videos and videos their school has added. All comments and related videos are disabled and search is limited to YouTube EDU videos.

“We’ve been hearing from teachers that they want to use the vast array of educational videos
on YouTube in their classrooms, but are concerned that students will be distracted by the latest
music video or cute cat, or a video that wasn’t appropriate for students”, said Brian Truong,
YouTube’s project manager.

Of course, this service is a culmination of YouTube’s YouTube EDU, released in 2009–but YouTube doesn’t quite have the monopoly on the online education video community.  While you’re checking YouTube for Schools, don’t forget to check out Teacher Tube–started by teachers, for teachers and up and running since 2007.

Regardless if you’re a parent, teacher or student, the larger the wealth of educational videos available out there the better–as a former student, however, it makes me a bit jealous that I had to find resources for reports, etc. the old fashioned way–combing through volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica.