Wondershare Software Updates PDF Editor for Mac

Wondershare upgraded PDF Editor for Mac, both the standard and pro version. The update is mainly about performance improving and  bug fixes.

Performance improvement: Both the standard and pro version are able to view and edit native PDF files in all languages.  All the  fonts in Mac OS X system are supported as well. And users can right-click on the main interface of PDF Editor to choose tools, no need to go to the tool bar on the ribbon every time. What’s more, expand and collapse features are added to Bookmark, making it much easier to manage PDF.

Bug fix goes as follows: fixed the issue of mix up of  Preperties  for Arrow and Line; fixed the hyperlink issue when open in Preview with black frame.

Now all registered users can free update PDF Editor to the latest version by Check  for Updates. If you have any question, please feel free to contact  us. And we could be specially appreciated if you’d like to give us some suggestions or share your experience in  using Wondershare products.

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    iam asking for upgrade