Wondershare PowerSuite Golden 2012 Was Released – Offer You the Best Privacy Guard

Wondershare Software Co., Ltd. announced the release of  Wondershare PowerSuite Golden. It’s a powerful file encryption utility preventing prying eyes from your confidential files, and presents brand-new ways to protect private and confidential documents.

Wondershare PowerSuite Golden is secure file encryption software for users to encrypt file, and lock folder stored on PC hard drive or any portable devices, such as USB drive, mobile phone, MP3, etc. With Wondershare SafeLock, you can encrypt files of any type including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, as well as audio and video files. It can effectively protect your folder against being viewed by persons without permission.

Different from the common file encryption, Wondershare SafeLock offers three ways to protect files. Anyone without the password can’t view the files.

File Encrypt: Set password to encrypt files directly. The file looks the same as being encrypted before, but no one can view the content without password.
Hide Encrypt: Set password and the file can be hidden in any file or folder (as long as the folder is not empty). There is no change for the file and folder, and no one knows there is a hidden file.
Encrypt to EXE: Set password to encrypt files to EXE. This encrypted EXE file can be regularly viewed on other computer with no Wondershare SafeLock installed.

Moreover, Wondershare SafeLcok provides to hide folders by setting password. Then it can’t be accessed or deleted by others without password. Users also can delete their sensitive files permanently through Shred File. Files deleted by this way cannot be retrieved by any way.

“Having the US military-level encryption technology applied in SafeLock, I no longer need to worry that I may lost my USB drives or laptop somewhere, and others may penetrate my files, private photos, business documents, and cause great damage to me. File encryption seems to be that easy for me!” Sarah, a user of the test version of SafeLock said.

  • Hussein Ali Aldlemy

    Oh My God!!
    Please Help Me!!
    using Wondershare safelock….I encrypted My Main Folder..named “Private”…it contains all my games,movies and anime….its size…I think it was 249 GB
    I spent years Collecting containings of this folder
    My Password was {123qwe456rty789uio} without {}
    on the next day…I opened the folder….it requres the password….the………….
    aaaaaaaaah……it dose not work
    please Help me
    I don’t know why but I wanna help….please

  • http://www.wondershare.com Selena Lee

    Dear GNR, you mean the SafeLock program? First, thanks for using our product. Maybe you didn’t uninstall it clearly. Please check the folder you installed it and make sure you have cleared all related files about it, and then restart your computer. If it still doesn’t work, please offer more information, then we can have our technicist solve it for you. Have a good try!

  • GNR

    Why I can not delete the (….) folder after i remove the software?
    please help me.

  • http://www.wondershare.com Selena Lee

    Yes, you will find some more free information here if you keep on your attention. And all people can quote content there if they link back. It’s an honor to share useful information.

  • Sandy Rieland

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