Wondershare Releases PowerPoint 2010 Compatible PPT-to-DVD Converter

After nearly a year’s waiting for the release of Microsoft(R) PowerPoint 2010, it will eventually arrive in June. Its new ability to turn presentations into WMV videos makes it easy to share PowerPoint presentations on the Web. To meet the needs of sharing PowerPoint in more flexible ways, Wondershare, a provider of diverse consumer software products and services, updates its flagship product PPT2DVD, and makes it the first PowerPoint to DVD converter in the world that enables users to burn PowerPoint 2010 presentations onto DVDs.

PowerPoint 2010 shows more promising upgrades than PowerPoint 2007 with many noticeable improvements. For better presentation display, Microsoft adds many new animations, SmartArt, and 3D transitions effects in PowerPoint 2010. In order to make these presentation effects also available in DVD slideshow after PowerPoint-to-DVD conversion, Wondershare developers put a lot of effort into developing the new PPT2DVD to make it compatible with the new animations, SmartArt, and 3D transitions effects in PowerPoint 2010.

By transferring PowerPoint 2010 files to DVD, users can broadcast their presentations on TV or plasma systems freely. No matter if it is for business, personal, educational or other uses, PPT2DVD helps users make the most of PowerPoint. Let’s see how it works:
– For business: Make sales DVD, advertising video, corporate DVD or tradeshow from PowerPoint presentations.
– For individuals: Create DVD photo albums or celebration slideshows for weddings, graduations, and birthdays from PowerPoint.
– For education: Take PowerPoint courseware online or review courses on portable devices.
– For other aspects: Make DVD videos for activity arrangement announcements or for charity.

Besides converting PowerPoint to DVD, PPT2DVD also supports converting presentations to videos of 130 other formats (including HD videos). “Compared with the built-in function of creating a WMV video in PowerPoint 2010, PPT2DVD provides more popular output video choices,” said by Tobee Wu, CEO of Wondershare Software. “It makes sharing PowerPoint on the Web or through portable devices like the iPod, iPhone, and Blackberry particularly convenient.”

Feature Highlights
– Retain all features in the original PowerPoint files like animations, transitions, pictures, sounds and videos.
– Create professional DVD menus for quick navigation with 46 delicate built-in DVD menu templates, which include themes of business, celebration, education, nature, and religion.
– Two play modes available — you may choose to play your presentations automatically or manually.
– Save users’ time by converting up to 12 PPT files at one time.

System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 7, Windows (32) XP (Service Pack 2)/2003/Vista
PowerPoint Version: Microsoft(R) PowerPoint 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010

Pricing and Availability
PPT2DVD is available at $99.95. A free trial version is available for downloading here.

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