Wondershare iDraft Ranks NO.1 in Apple Store

After Jobs has perfectly displayed all functions of the iPad to its eager audience, People don’t plan to stop their eager for more extra functions added to the iPad. The apps for iPad in Apple Store are emerging in endlessly, and now the hottest one in the store is Wondershare iDraft, ranking No.1 in the catalogue of iPad apps and the catalogue of productivity.

Wondershare iDraft was firstly released and put in Apple store on June 30th. Five days later, it surpassed the iBooks, official software developed by Apple, to rank first by 29,515 downloads. Wondershare iDraft is a simple yet easy-to-use notebook for the iPad. You can use it for drawing pictures, making a record in a conference or even just writing down your fresh ideas any time.

With this software, not only can you select image from your library to create new note, but also you can edit, name or delete the notebook according to your requirement. By means of moving the scroll to find the exact page, you can preview the entire notebook. To undo, redo and erase or change line width are allowed for this software. After finishing, you can save as a notebook or send to your colleagues or friends to share. All in all, as soon as you use it, you can feel its multi-functional applications.

The first place is given by the users, and let’s look at what users say about Wondershare iDraft.

From Linnaly:
“I’m deleting all the other casual and quick drawing apps I had on my iPad – this one is the one I was waiting for. It absolutely fits the bill for quick sketches. Thank you, developers! Looking forward to more of your work.”

From Andrew Foster:
“This app allows me to do much more than any other note taking app out there. And when I’m bored of taking notes for class, I can still doodle and save everything. I’m surprised that it isn’t being sold for a higer price.”

From Alan Conrad:
“This app is awesome. I love the fact that you can draw fast and it does a thinner line like anneal pen!!! This is awesome.”
Get more reviews about Wondershare iDraft application for iPad.

“Under the tactics of making competitive products with elaboration, our mobile software department creates the first entry-level mobile-applied software – Wondershare iDraft for iPad. It’s really no easy for us to achieve such wonderful reactions in such a short time.” said Mr Tobee Wu, the CEO of Wondershare, “We will continue to upgrade this software to satisfy our users’ needs. Believe it will come true soon.”

For the gratitude to all users’ support, Wondershare offers Wondershare iDraft for free, and all users can download it here.

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