Wondershare QuizCreator – “Excellent Recommended Software China 2009”

Wondershare QuizCreator has been honorably awarded by the China Software Industry Association with the “Excellent Recommended Software China 2009” recently because of its exclusive feature –“Practical, Versatile and Simplicity”. This award fully affirmed Wondershare unremitting efforts and its software’s high-quality which greatly encouraged Wondershare to make continuously improvement in the further days as well.

As the leading consumer software provider in China, Wondershare software attached great importance to the contest and actively participated into it. After went through the Enterprise Reporting, Technical Information Audit, Functional Testing and Field Testing, Expert Review and many other processes, Wondershare successfully won its name in the “Excellent Recommended Software China 2009” with strong technical force and excellent quality of products. It’s Wondershare gained recognition from authorities and experts again in addition to the award of “Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2009”, “Deloitte Technology” and “Fast 50 China 2009”.

About the “Excellent Recommended Software China”

“Excellent Recommended Software China” began in 1994, aims to promote good software products, cultivating excellent software brands, guiding government procurement, public large-scale purchases and software exports.

The main evaluation indexes of it are the following six: the independent intellectual property rights, commercialization level, technical level, function and quality, user base and market sales, service quality.

Through the more than ten years development and promotion, “Excellent Recommended Software China” Award is already one of the most authoritative activities of the software industry which influence across the country; it is one of the important reference standards for the users to choose and purchase software products as well.

About the Wondershare QuizCreator

Wondershare QuizCreator is a powerful Flash quiz maker that enables trainers and educators to create Flash quizzes with images, sounds, narrations and Flash animations to engage learners through the learning process. Quiz Management System that comes with QuizCreator provides flexible results tracking and score reporting for QuizCreator users.

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