Wondershare Offers Surprise Low Sale Price on iPad Video Converter

iPad is the winner on the Opening Day! As Apple says it moved more than 300,000 iPads when the device went on sale for the first time this past Saturday. What’s more, it’s unclear how many other customers will go into Apple stores for iPad in the near future.

Yes, the “iPad season” is coming! Are you full prepared to join in this season with your just arrived iPad? Whatever, go sharpen your iPad firstly, then, make sure your iPad is capable enough to highlight your unique in the crowed.

Take it easy, the new coming-out Wondershare iPad Video Converter could be your brand new iPad’s best mate, which can convert almost all video formats to iPad and lets you enjoy watching any video on your iPad anywhere and anytime as you wish! With this video converter tool, you are the trendsetter in this “iPad season” and your iPad stands different from the rest!

What’s still better, it’s offered more than 30% off its original price at $29.95, and all of you can get this Wondershare iPad Video Converter at only $19.95 now. The surprise sale price comes with Wondershare’s high quality guarantee, and each of you could get one with confidence.

Get a good buy! This “iPad Season” could be full of wonders with Wondershare iPad Video Converter!

What can this iPad Video Converter brings you?

  • It is capable of converting almost all common video formats in your life. Thus you can watch any videos in your iPad on the go.
  • It supports multi-core CPU. It means you can convert bunch of video files at a time. With only a few minutes, you can get lossless output video.
  • Make your own video with its editing video features such as add subtitle, merge video files, preview video before converting, and cut off the black edges from your video, etc.

More functions here:

Wondershare iPad Video Converter is compatible with Windows NT4/2000/2003/XP/Vista and Windows 7. It prices at $29.95, and in April, only $19.95 can get you the full version of this iPad Video Converter without any limitation. Registered customers are entitled to free lifetime auto updates and technical support. With this powerful and professional iPad Video Converter, your iPad could bring you more fun and you can enjoy any movie and music on your iPad to your heart’s content.

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