Wondershare’s New Video Editor 3: Letting Anyone Impress Everyone

We at Wondershare, innovative software and service provider for the home and business, today announce the release of the new Video Editor 3, the totally revamped and reloaded version of the easy-to-use editing suite formerly known as Vivideo.

So, what was Vivideo and what is Video Editor 3?  Well, Wondershare Video Editor 3 is still the same intuitive, one-click video editing software with all the mainstay editing tools you’ll ever need. With it, anyone can effortlessly create their own Hollywood-style home movies complete with credits titles, visual effects, fades, wipes and much more—combining any and all popular video, audio and photo formats. When the show’s ready, share it instantly with family and friends on DVD, YouTube, Facebook, your PC as well as all popular portable devices including Apple and Android.

What’s new in Video Editor 3.0:

1. A brand-new interface design, with more powerful features.
2. New intelligent, Timeline-based video editing.
3. Added fast/slow motion and voice change effects.
4. More visual effects (now over 50) for videos and photos.
5. A new Picture-in-Picture feature with plenty of customizable options.
6. An easier-to-use media file manager and solid-color slides included.

New Design, Easier Workflow

Unlike its storyboard-based predecessor Video Editor 2, Video Editor 3 has been completely upgraded to a professional timeline-based video editor. Enabling users to edit videos on a Timeline has many advantages.

First, it allows easy control over every element of your movie, including video/audio/photos, titles, effects, transitions, Picture-in-Picture, etc. Second, syncing elements is intuitive because Video Editor’s Timeline syncs intelligently each time you move an element. Third, Timeline makes it easier to preview any part of your project in real time. Powered by Timeline, the whole interface and workflow enables you to create and enhance movies with ease. 

Extended Sharing Possibilities

In response to our customers’ demands, Wondershare Video Editor supports iPhone 4S as well in addition to a vast array of other popular mobile devices and video formats. Users can also burn movies to DVD or directly upload to social and other sites including YouTube to share with more friends. The sharing possibilities are nearly endless.

System Requirement

  1. Platform: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
  2. Processor: Intel or AMD processor, 1GHz or above
  3. RAM: At least 512M physical RAM


Wondershare Video Editor is priced at $39.99 for a single-user personal license of the download version. Multiple-user licenses are also available on our website. For this and to learn more about Video Editor 3, please visit

  • Margarita

    Awesome Andrew!! Great buy and your are gong to love that camera Thanks for the onmmects and question also!! Unfortunately I don’t have any experience with a sony battery grip or any other brand for the sony. At some point Sony will come out with one I’m sure. I would recommend waiting for a good quality battery grip and get a bunch of extra batteries. Possible an extra charger as well, because it takes forever to charge Sony batteries for some reason. Having the extra battery in a battery grip usually gives you about twice the life. Some cameras can use 1 battery or the other, and other cameras pull from both batteries at the same time. It depends on the camera etc.. Definitely a good investment if it’s available. A small negative to a battery grip worth noting is the camera is more likely to shack on the tri-pod due to a higher center of gravity in relation to the mounting point. It’s noticeable on my 5D Mark II, so I would assume it would be on other cameras as well. The grip has a tiny bit of flex witch results in a bit of sag at the lens end. Really noticeable in Macro photography!! Best,JayBest,Jay

  • James J

    Great deal! I always have a hard time editing pictures :/ Thanks for sharing this info. Thumbs up!