Wondershare DemoCreator 3.0 – Enjoy the Simplicity of Screen Recording

Wondershare announced its screen recording software — Wondershare DemoCreator 3.0 — aiming to help software developers, teachers, marketing personnel and technical support staff create professional and interactive voice-over presentations and tutorials better. The latest version of Wondershare DemoCreator offers a Microsoft Office-style user interface, enhanced editing features supporting more objects and a simplified screencast publishing solution.

The screen recorder Wondershare DemoCreator 3.0 uses a brand-new user interface similar to Microsoft Office, so even novice users can easily start their screen recording projects without complex guidance. The new recording mode allows users to take real-time screenshots for further editing. And the recording control panel facilitates the full manipulation of the recording process.

Adding Flash animation is improved in Wondershare DemoCreator 3.0. The additional Flash objects help users to beautify their videos and make them attractive to the audience. And some optimizations in video preview and publishing are also good to make the whole process more effective.

Enhancements in Wondershare DemoCreator 3.0 include:
•    Microsoft Office GUI to improve the appearance and usability.
•    New manual recording mode allowing capturing screenshots with hotkeys during recording.
•    Real-time control during the recording process, including countdown, pause, redo and stop.
•    More Flash animation which can be inserted into video as objects directly.
•    Personalization of your logo with a clickable link to promote your business.
•    Ability to preview the video instantly while editing.
•    Optimized video producing process to shorten the generating time.

“To make the user feel at ease and to make the screencast creation process more user friendly are the main goals of Wondershare DemoCreator 3.0,” said Jamie Lee, DemoCreator Product Manager at Wondershare. “With Wondershare DemoCreator you can share knowledge with people and have them attracted in minutes with a professional looking presentation. All things are simply comprised in three steps: make a video with ease, share it widely and receive praises.”

System Requirements and Pricing Availability
Wondershare DemoCreator 3.0 supports Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7.
It offers a variety of price items including a personal license at $99.95 and an academic license at $79.95.
Get it or for a 30-day trial and additional information about Wondershare DemoCreator, please click here.>>

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