Wondershare Completes the Acquisition of AnyBizSoft Studio

In the joint efforts and negotiation of parties, Wondershare Software Co., Ltd. and AnyBizSoft Studio strike a final agreement today: AnyBizSoft officially becomes a sub-brand of Wondershare. Wondershare has the right of all products of AnyBizSoft, and AnyBizSoft will still in normal operations. Wondershare finally completes the acquisition of AnyBizSoft Studio.

As a sub-brand of Wondershare, AnyBizSoft will still go regularly, including the work of research & development and marketing, only the after-sale service is integrated to Wondershare Support Center. Owning specialized researchers and experienced marketing staffs in PDF tools field, AnyBizSoft, to a very great extent, enriches Wondershare’s business product line. Dedicated to satisfy customers with diversified consumer software products, Wondershare has accumulated an amazing user group in multimedia software field (including Windows and Mac users). The giant user group and perfect customer service system of Wondershare bring AnyBizSoft products to more users and provide AnyBizSoft users with the best after-sale services.

The CEO of Wondershare says: “AnyBizSoft has specialized in PDF software for quite a long time. They own complete and matured product line, which can counteract our weakness in PDF software field. To the increasing requirement of PDF software for business and personal, AnyBizSoft, a company with excellent products and a skilled R & D team, can help us obtain a larger market share.”

The president of AnyBizSoft replies: “We are very proud for the approval of Wondershare to our products. We have our own flagship products – PDF Converter. Wondershare has innovative culture, marketing team and operational resources. We believe that Wondershare is the ideal partner, and they can bring a bright future for AnyBizSoft. We hope our merger can make our users a brand new experience in the future.”

About AnyBizSoft
AnyBizSoft Studio is dedicated to providing users with practical and cost-effective PDF solutions to document formats conversion. It provides the series of PDF Converters, PDF Creators, PDF Editors and other PDF related software. With easy-to-use PDF applications and professional technical support, user experience much improved during the processes of creating, editing and publishing PDF files.
For more information, please visit: www.anypdftools.com