Why Monkeys Can’t Resist that iPhone 4 FaceTime Camera

camera monkey

Love to “monkey” around with your iPhone? We came across this great piece of “Gorilla” reporting: Recently, during a trip to his local zoo, YouTube user Mark Rober discovered he could use iPhone’s front-facing “FaceTime” mirror-camera to attract monkeys and simultaneously capture footage of them admiring themselves. However, as the iPhone’s camera is offset from the main screen, in his first batch of footage, the monkeys weren’t looking directly at the screen. So, as a solution he rigged a mirror frame for his iPhone to sit in and took his iPhone back to the zoo for another shoot.

When you check out the video below, you’ll see the results are hilarious, fascinating—and pretty impressive for a smartphone camera. These monkeys are totally into themselves—can an all-primate season of America’s Next Top Model be far off??? Anyway, enjoy this video and then go tie bananas to your Nexus One, or whatever!

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