What’s New in iOS7

 what's new in ios7


Have you just upgraded yours from iOS 6 to iOS 7? Did you manage to spot the difference? We’ve taken a look into what’s new about it and would like to share what we have spotted from our end. Apart from the obvious makeover with the icons and menu’s designs (in terms of color, buttons and dials), the other one thing that stands out from the rest is the new CONTROL CENTRE (on the home screen).

ios7's new homescreen - control centre

It’s a new quick setting that allows users to access the notification center from the home screen itself. All you have to do is slide it from bottom-up. We’ve summed up the other major changes or what’s new in iOS 7 as below:





Other Changes/What’s New Observed:

  • Map view and navigation option (driving or walking mode). Siri will also ask if you’ll like to open other map apps that are downloaded.

ios7's new map option and mode

  • Tightened security features (iOS devices are locked with Apple ID).
  • Apps update can be performed manually (because the updates are automatic by default in previous iOS).
  • Enabled multi-tasking in landscape mode.

ios7's new multitasking in landscape mode

  • Gotten rid of the custom font in Notes (there’s more to choose from right now).
  • Ability to zoom in/out during video shoot.


We believed there’s more to what we have seen in the latest iOS 7, so why not drop us a note or something and let us know all about it?


*For those who have not upgraded to the latest iOS 7, the setup procedure remains unchanged which means the iOS setup assistant runs basically the same. You’ll come to notice that the only difference is the color of the setup screen.