What People Say about Wondershare QuizCreator?

Launched in 2006, September, 11th, Wondershare QuizCreator has gone through a four-year journey till now. During this period it has several version upgrades from V3.0.0 to V3.1.0 and the latest V3.2.2 with branching feature such as the optimization of Multiple Response quiz, text to speech, etc. what’s more, this software has successfully won an honor to be the “Excellent Recommended Software China 2009”.

Wondershare QuizCreator helps you make your quiz with images, sounds, Flash animations and Flash videos, enables you to create stunning quizzes without complex skills, and even lets you track your quiz results effortlessly with QMS (Quiz Management System)!

Whatever, your voice on Wondershare QuizCreator is the most valuable! Hereafter let’s share some customers’ feedbacks on the QuizeCreator together to find what they used it for. This may open another door for you.

What we get from TRG Customer Solutions

TRG Customer Solutions (formerly Telespectrum) provides telemarketing, customer care, and technical support services.

“TRG has using Wondershare QuizCreator on employee training, till now, we have trained totally 2461 trainees with 26 assessments and 2 assessment designers efficiently, and the Management function of the QuizCreator is pretty useful that it could fit a great space!”

What does The Learning Nurse Resource Network says

The Learning Nurse Resource Network offers business consulting services, research and online survey, assessment and training services.

“We use Wondershare QuizCreater to create a website on testing and quiz center which performs excellent while we hope Wondershare continually enhance the QuizCreator’s professionalism, functionality and flexibility in the future so that we could get more benefits from the use of it!”

Do those voices let you know better of the Wondershare QuizCreator’s user experience? Or you have something to say on the QuizCreator and just can’t hold it back?

Well, no matter which industries you are come from. Is it the training business, the public or private schools, the consultant business, the IT enterprises or governments? Or any other fields we haven’t thought but you could make a use of the QuizCreator. Then, here is your very stage, why not show your voice right now?

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