What are the Benefits of QuickTime Components?



QuickTime Components are basically a collection of open resources or applications that is made accessible to everyone. It houses a variety of plugs-in or adds-on by 3rd party developers with the best intentions of expanding the QuickTime’s current database of functionality. In short, the Components improve the list of supported media file types, formats as well as compatibility.


Summary of 3rd Parties Components

Most of them are media players that can support or help you to upload, import and playback video files that are not previously QuickTime-compatible. Please bear in mind that the trial or standard version of the Components might require an upgrade if you wished to have more flexibility in their features.


  • AC3 – Rectify and enhance audio files; but the product seems to be a bit outdated now. In order to avoid future discontinued of product support, it’s recommended to look-out for alternatives.
  • DivX – Can also be installed onto both Mac and Windows platform and one of the preferred Components in changing video files from one container to the other without encoding. It is mainly to compress video files so that it’s small enough to be playback on portable devices without any loss of quality.
  • Flip4Mac – It is the official Windows Media Player for Mac with improved loading time. There is no need to convert your video files as the player can play the WMV files in its original container. Still, it would require an upgrade for further encoding ability.
  • Perian – Support for the player will be ceased 90 days after the release of the final Perian. This Component has been around for some time but we’re just not too sure for how long.
  • Xvid – One of the popular Components to compress or convert video files to MPEG-4. You can choose to either download the Xvid Binary to be able to view or playback Xvid files; or Xvid Source if you’ll like to encode the file codec.


Please click HERE for more information on other available or updated QuickTime ‘Components’.


Note: Please check the version of your QuickTime before downloading/installing the appropriate 3rd party Components.


Alternative of QuickTime Components


Why would I suggest this? As it can be seen from the above, majority of the 3rd parties Components excel in ‘particular’ areas and you might have to download and install a few Components before you can playback or even watch a certain video file format.


Our media player and converter have ‘You’ in mind; and hence the software is catered for your convenience. Instead of having to download or install several Components, just select either one.

WS Player – You can practically enjoy your video of any file format uncluttered or Ad-free with the WS Player. Alternatively, upgrade it to the WS Converter that allows you convert video files 30X faster with no worries of quality loss.

WS Video Converter Ultimate – Similar to our WS Player, the WS’s Converter can also be downloaded and installed on both Mac and Windows platform. Once you installed WS Converter, the player comes built-in saving you the hassle of having to download it again.