Vimeo iPhone App – Vimeo’s New Video Editing App For iPhone

Last week a huge announcement brought the Vimeo iPhone App into the spotlight as it debuted on the App Store. One of the first companies to start reencoding their online videos as HTML for iOS users, Vimeo has gone one step further and created an Official iPhone app.

Vimeo is the arguably the best place to watch and upload high-quality videos online. And now, the service is in the palm of your hand with a great video-editing app built in. Vimeo is a pretty good video app for iPhone, which enables you to not only watch high-quality videos on Vimeo, but it also has an easy-to-use video editor. Once you’re done editing a video, you can upload it to Vimeo from within the app itself or export it to your camera roll. In case you’re not aware, the Vimeo site has a great collection of good quality and high definition videos which you can watch with pleasure any time, anywhere – for as long as your iPhone is connected online – via Wi-Fi or 3G.

Creating an account on is a requirement before you can use the app. Once you’ve got that settled, you can enjoy all the good features of the app such as uploading videos, managing your video collection, sharing your videos and editing your videos as well.

After you’ve downloaded Vimeo on your iPhone and logged in to your existing account, you’ll see the app’s main menu with the five tabs available for you to use. These tabs include – My Videos, Recordings, My Stuff, Browse, and Account.

the main menu of Vimeo iPhone AppThe My Videos tab lets you select or shoot videos and upload them to your Vimeo account. Here you can select whether to shoot High Definition, Standard or Low quality video. The app allows you to pause and resume the upload process, and you can edit and delete uploads from this tab any time you want to.

My Stuff tab contains new videos waiting for you to watch, videos that you have found on Vimeo which you have saved, as well as videos you have “liked” on Vimeo.

The Browse tab displays the Vimeo video timeline and is where you can watch videos uploaded and share by other Vimeo users. To aid you in browsing videos, the Vimeo app has categorized these videos into various categories.

The Accounts tab gives you access to various bits of information about your Vimeo accounts and activities. You can view your usage patterns as well as the number of times your videos have been played and watched.

We intentionally skipped discussing the Recordings tab so far since we want to highlight this feature. This tab makes the Vimeo app for iPhone not just a video uploading and sharing app but more like a fully-functional video editor. Vimeo lets you create a video project either from videos you’ve recorded using your iPhone at the moment or previous videos you’ve saved on your iPhone. From here, you can edit titles and add some more stuff such as movie clips, text captions, transition effects, sounds, volume and more. You can also add more video clips or even photos to your video project. Once you’re done with your video project you can then save it and have the render uploaded to Vimeo via the app. The video editor function may seem difficult to use at first, but once you get the hang of it, you might use it more often to create video for sharing.

Now you can download it for free from the App Store.