Top 5 Sites to Free Download Short Stories for Kids on Christmas

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Christmas is a time to have fun. However, you will not fully enjoy the holiday if you cannot keep your children fully “occupied”. Here “Occupy” means do something they like, say watching movies, recording their loved music or reading books. As for reading books, besides buy some hottest children’s books online, you can also download piles of interesting free short stories at the web. Here we introduce top 10 websites to download free short stories.

Google Books should be the first place for you to consider downloading free short stories. Google Books itself not only provides millions of public domain books for free download in PDF and EPUB formats, but also offers websites
addresses where you could download free short story books for

EPUBBUD is a site specifically offering free download EPUB eBooks for children for free. You could find short stories in EPUB format on the home page of EPUBUBD. Besides downloading free EPUB books here, you can upload your own eBooks for sharing with the public.epubbud

WackyWebTales offers short tales for children. And tales are upgraded to new ones every month. Besides the section Kids’ Place, where you could download short stories for children, there is another section named as Education Place. From here you can find textbook support materials for your kids.wacky-web-tales is one of the sites I like very much. It provides hundreds of classic eBooks downloading. You can find the short

Web-Books has the category of Short stories. They are all available for download. The only thing that bothers is you need to use its Viewer .web-books

  • tommy boy

    Grid Interactive just released a very sweet E Book for the holidays …I was at the airport with my daughter and downloaded “Surf Angel” for $3.99. The art work is amazing and just enough animation to entertain but not over the top crazy.

    Well done …highly recommend. Made the trip much more enjoyable !!