Top 5 iTunes Plug-ins for Windows and Mac


Your music is no longer freeze in iTunes or restricted for playback with only Apple supported media players! Let the music play! You should be in control of the music and not the other way round. You can actually do more with your iTunes music than you ever realize.


In order to help you improve your iTunes music experience, I’ve compiled two separate lists of freeware (which cost nothing at all) that consists of five add-ons for downloading onto either your Windows or Mac operating PCs.


If you have come across better or helpful ones, please leave us a comment so others could try it out too. Especially when it doesn’t cost a thing!


Top 5 Free Add-ons for Windows


Specialized in retrieving album art and track info. You can also personalize the background or choose from a wide selection of ‘skin’ for your album art or cover.

Helps you to search for lyrics and track info as well as repairing the track’s metadata (ID3 tags). Just sing along and keep yourself entertained.

Perfect for exporting your iTunes music for playback with non-Apple media players. Easily share your favorite music around.

Automatically informs and adds new track into your iTunes library from a designated folder (or Watch Folder). Otherwise, manually select which tracks to add into your library. The program will also intelligently inform you of any duplicates. However, it will not help to retrieve any album or track info.

Saves you time for sorting out your own playlists. The program will generate playlists based on ‘fingerprints’- simply based on how often you’ll listen to the track and then builds similar tracks into a playlist. It will also keep you updated if the singer or band of your favorite music is arranging any concert near your area.


Top 5 Free Add-ons for Macs


It’s basically an application running on your desktop that acts like a notifier. Instead of having to look at your iTunes, the application will be displaying info about the track that’s currently on play mode.

Helps you to retrieve album art as well as info with a splash of sleek interface and menu for navigation. Time to get rid of the dull iTunes menu.

If you’ve got enough of iTunes, simply sync your iTunes playlist to other non-Apple media players. You can expand the functionality as well as your music experience.

Gives you the flexibility in terms of managing or controlling your iTunes across platform that’s sharing the same network.

Analyses your track metadata (ID3 tags) and rate the tracks based on your playback frequency. You’ll get to learn more about your own music preference and pattern of playback.