Top 10 Torrent Sites to Download Movies in 2011

There are many torrent sites which offer torrents which one can use to download movies but the thing is that where to get real and appropriate torrents. Sometimes when you want to download something from torrents sites, you just get the things you don’t want. Here is a list of top 10 torrent sites which can be used to download torrent movies.

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1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of  the most famous BitTorrent sites on the Internet. Founded in 2003, it grows and expands fast, and now is rising in popularity. You can download the movies and convert BitTorrent to DVD so that you can enjoy the movies on your DVD player.

2. Demonoid

Demonoid is a private community for torrent movies downloading, and its members are held liable for any leeching that their invited friends do in this community. So if you are have got a Demonoid membership, you should invite your friends carefully. Otherwise, you may lose your membership.

3. IsoHunt

isoHunt became the first search engine who had  to implement a keyword filter made by MPAA last year. Regardeless of  this weakness, isoHunt is still considered the third largest torrent movies and video site because of its high traffic. This year, isoHunt will make many efforts to get rid of the filter with the help of  the Appeals Court.

4. Kick Ass Torrents

It is a torrent site liked by more and more people nowadays. With a clear earth color,  it gains a lot of praise. And at the same time, it displays the search results in columns, including torrent health, which are very useful. Kick Ass Torrents’ feedback and comment system is probably the best part  of the site, where  the users can keep an eye on the quality of torrents, and put forward  their feedbacks and precious recommendations to make the site better than ever.

5. BTjunkie

BTjunkie is a site that operates in the BitTorrent niche and has been quiet for almost one year. The removal of the site’s front page from Google because of a DMCA complaint is a deadly weakness of this site. As last year, BTjunkie settles in fifth place.

6. Torrentz

Special thanks to reader, Jonathan R., for this recommendation. The “verified” filtering feature of this site makes it a good choice for downloaders.

7. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents has a very high traffic in 2010 and catches lots of attention. This year, it will surely attract more people. The site went live half a year ago and has gone to the top 10 in just several month.

8. Meganova

This site has been rebranded as “Seed Peer”, a site with a long history in the torrent community. However, many malware are spreaded to this torrent site through Java language. So if you want to go to this site, please make sure you have an antivirus software installed on your computer to protect your computer from being attacked.

9. Torrent tree

This torrent site is in Ajax code language  developed by Gary and his team of P2P programmers. It also get results from many other search engines like any metasearch engine. But Torrent Tree gets*more* search results than any other current metasearch site. And that’s why it is so popular.

10. YouTorrent offers legal torrents, and has a very good-looking  presentation and intuitive  interface.  It aims to provides great services to its users and you can also search other sites on it. You can check out how good this site is by yourself.

How to burn torrent to DVD on Windows and Mac

These sites are all very good torrent sites to download movies. By the way, after downloading the movies from the great torrent sites, do you want to burn torrent to DVD with a Torrent to DVD Burner for preservation or to watch them on TV or any DVD player? Here a way to convert torrent to DVD is recommended.

Follow the steps to learn how to burn downloaded torrent movies to DVD.  If you are a Mac user, you can refer to Mac DVD Burner.

Step 1. Install and launch Torrent to DVD Burner and add videos

Get a professional Torrent to DVD Burner, say Wondershare DVD Creator. Install and run it. Click “Import” to add the torrent movies you need into the program.

Step 2. Edit videos to enhance them instantly

This  DVD burner also allows you to customize your videos by adding transitions, titles and editing menu and so on.

Step 3. Preview and burn Torrent to DVD

Click to preview the result of the editing. Finally, just click the “Burn” button to start burning.

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