Top 10 Android Tablet for 2011 – 10 Best Android Tablets

The Android Tablet battle is heating up! With a slew of Tablet PCs based on the Android platform hitting the market one after another, this is an exciting time for computer buyers.

In the recent months, Android has got better and better and a whole lot of smartphones and computers have been built upon this Google Android OS. The market is already flooded with a range of Android based tablet computers. And with many tech bigwigs announcing their own Google Android tablets, there is likely to be even more options to buy android tablets in the coming days. Android tablets are good for watching movies. Wanna watch DVD movies on the Android tablets? Just use a DVD converter to convert the DVD movies to Android tablets supported video formats.

Which are the best Android Tablets to buy? Let us help you choose the best Android tablet for you .


Top 10 Android Tablet for 2011

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4G

Right now the Samsung Galaxy Tab is available on Verizon, but a new 4G version with LTE technology should be available soon. If you get one today it will be using the Android 2.2 operating system, but you should be able to get it with Honeycomb later in 2011. It has a 5MP camera on the back, a 1.3 MP camera on the front, and is powered by a 1.2 GHz Hummingbird processor. One of the cool things about the Samsung Galaxy Tab is that it can function as a WiFi hotspot for up to 5 devices. This is great if you have a WiFi printer or music player and want to conveniently use them over the 4G network. Some users have rated the device as being a bit sluggish when running Flash.

2. Asus Eee Pad Transformer

An ASUS PC is always a head turner and the Eee Pad keeps up the name of its maker. The tablet is presently available with a 12 inch display though a 10 inch Android tablet is also going to hit the marqee quite soon. Weighing 680 gms, the PC runs on Android 3.0 Honeycomb, the latest Android version. The Eee Pad, like the Galaxy Tab, has two cameras but a more powerful one at the rear. There is a 1.2 MP camera in the front and a 5 MP shooter at the back.

A 512 MB RAM coupled with a 1 GB ROM makes up the internals of the Transformer Google tablet. A power-packed NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor drives the Transformer and comes with dual core support.

3. Motorola Xoom

This 10.1-inch Android 3.0, or Honeycomb, tablet sports an Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor, uses a laptop-like 1280 x 800 resolution, and has two cameras: a 2-megapixel sensor in the front for video chat over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G and a 5-megapixel rear camera for stills and 720p video recording. It will initially work on Verizon’s 3G network but will be upgradeable to 4G / LTE soon after launch. The Xoom is expected to be available in the first quarter, although no pricing has been announced. Most analysts and tech bloggers are saying this is the one to watch, and we are inclined to agree with them. Finally a manufacturer has realized that consumers want a quality, performance tablet with a high resolution screen, and a relatively thin bezel. We will keep you posted and offer you a hands-on as soon as we can.

4. Toshiba Folio

The Toshiba Folio may be one of Apple’s biggest competitors in the tablet market. Like the Android 3.0 Tablet, it has a 10.1 inch screen, though at VGA resolution (1024 x 600). It comes with 16 GB of internal storage and runs Android 2.2, powered by the Nvidia Tegra 2 processor running at 1 GHz. With a multi-touch capacity screen, the Toshiba Folio looks to be one of Toshiba’s higher-end Android alternatives to the iPad. Though official specs haven’t come out yet, the ARM Cortex A9 dual core can run up to 1 GHz per core. One questionable aspect is the battery. The Li-ion 1020 mAH battery claims a 7-hour battery life, but whether it can last that long considering the speeds this tablet runs at, who knows?

5. Archos 7 Home Tablet

The Archos 7 Home Tablet is well-priced and sports a 7 inch TFT touchscreen display. At only 388 gms, including the battery, this multi-touch supported device gives ease of portability and runs on Android 2.1. The Archos Tablet packs in a 128 MB RAM with an 8 GB storage capacity. A 600 MHz ARM 9 processor drives all operations in this Android Tablet 2.1 PC. The price it comes at makes it a steal for most people though the low-cost means you have to overlook lack of powerful features like Bluetooth, video output, Adobe Flash and digital compass.

6. Panasonic Viera Tablets

Are you planning on buying one of Panasonic’s 2011 TVs? If not then Panasonic’s 4, 7 and 10-inch tablets aren’t worth getting excited about. If you are though, things get more interesting: the tablets can control the TV or stream video from it, and you’ll be able to watch replays on the tablet while the action continues on the big screen.

7. HTC Flyer

HTC has decided to release the tablet running on Android Gingerbread, which will upset some purists that only believe these tablets should run on Honeycomb. However, the HTC Sense overlay deals with that, offering a new range of widgets and content to mask the fact it’s running older versions of the OS (although a Honeycomb update is imminent). The new tablet has a 7-inch LCD screen, and comes with an aluminium unibody shell that feels very nice in the hand.

8. Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid

This true hybrid of tablet and laptop and is actually two devices in one. Lenovo showed the U1 last year, but retooled the software: Gone is the custom Linux tablet UI in favor of the more popular and recognizable Google Android platform for the detachable screen. The screen detaches for tablet use and can be purchased alone as the $530 LeTab with either 32GB or 64GB of storage. When attached to a keyboard, the device becomes a laptop running Windows 7 with 320GB of storage, 2GB of RAM and Intel 1.2 GHz CPU. All together, it’s $1,300 and is reportedly available in China first. While pricey, some users will prefer to have access to both Windows and Android. This will surely be a niche device, but it does demonstrate that Lenovo is committed to staying on top of the latest trends.

9. T-Mobile LG G-Slate 4G

The particulars of T-Mobile’s LG G-Slate 4G are still shrouded in mystery. It was only announced at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, but you can pre-order it already, and it’s supposed to be running Honeycomb (which is Google Android 3.0). The tea-leaf readers of the electronics world are all speculating about what it means. It could mean that the mythical Google Slate is closer than ever. Or it could simply mean that tablets are super hot right now and T-Mobile didn’t want to be left out of the party.

10. Acer Iconia A500

The 10.1-inch Acer Iconia A500 Tab is powered by a dual core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor giving it the ability to shoot and play HD video. It supports animated web content created using Flash 10.1 and in terms of wireless connectivity, there’s the usual wi-fi, 3G, Bluetooth and GPS support.

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