Time Freeze 2.0 – Popular Virtual System Software from Wondershare

Wondershare Software announced Time Freeze 2.0 – Upgrade version of the free virtual system software Time Freeze 1.0. As easy and effective as always, Time Freeze 2.0 brings to users better using experience with its revolutionary new design, efficient virtual system performance, and support to 64-bit Windows 7, XP, Vista and Windows 2000.

Time Freeze is popular virtual system software that creates a virtual environment, on which users can surf online, evaluate applications and do whatever they like just as on the real system, while the real system remains unchanged. After a computer reboot, all data produced on the virtual system such as newly installed software, infected virus/spyware/Trojan, internet history as well as Windows running history will vanish like nothing has happened.

Time Freeze 2.0 inherits the easiness and effectiveness of Time Freeze 1.0, but stands out with many new features and improved functionality:

Added support to 64-bit OS: while Time Freeze 1.0 is only compatible to 32-bit OS, Time Freeze 2.0 added support to 64-bit OS including Windows 7, XP, Vista and Windows 2000, so as to satisfy users of 64-bit OS.
New MBR protection: protect the boot sector of the main hard disk to guarantee the normal startup of computer.
New Physical Memory Buffer Mode: when users enable System Protection in Time Freeze 2.0, they can apply this Physical Memory Buffer Mode, which can first speed up virtual system performance at least 60%, and second minimize the frequency of writing/reading hard disk and prolong its service life.
New USB protection: prevent virus/malware threats from USB sticks to infect your computer, and prevent authorized users to copy your important files using USB sticks.
Improved Folder Protection: the software kernel of Folder Protection is rewritten in order to bring stronger defense against threats of virus/spyware and keep protected files safe and clean.
Auto hide system tray icon: annoyed by the flashing system tray icon? It is gone in Time Freeze 2.0. Users can also press hot key (Ctrl+Alt+F8) to hide/show the icon.
Revolutionary new interface: the interface of Time Freeze 2.0 is a completely new design with the same logic and improved intuitiveness and appearance.
More flexible options: with Time Freeze 2.0, it is more flexible to save/discard virtual system data when return to the real system; it is also possible to set different protection mode for different folders.

“It (Time Freeze 2.0) impressed me first with the new intuitive interface, then with the fast running virtual system performance! I have to say that Time Freeze 2.0 is a perfect supplement to your antivirus software. The combination works great to keep computer invulnerable!” said Steve, one of Time Freeze 2.0’s users. And that is exactly recommended solution of computer security.

Pricing and Availability
Wondershare Time Freeze 2.0 is available at $39, for more information, please click Wondershare Time Freeze to visit.

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