Through with Instagram? 5 Awesome Alternatives

Ok, so if you’re here, you probably heard about/saw Instagram’s new, shocking terms of service.  So, now they’ve said they’re NOT going to sell your photos, and your dog’s photos and those photos of your kids swimming?  Well, fine but how do we know?  And just because they’ve changed some language on their website–does that mean anything has changed legally?  Instagram may be a fun to use app, but is it your friend?  No.  And so, to give you somewhere else to go… here are 5 fantastic alternatives to Instagram.  Enjoy!


Wondershare PowerCam

Hey, that’s right!  PowerCam.  What?  You didn’t think I’d push a Wondershare product first?  C’mon, it’s actually a great app. And it’s LOADED with great functions–it’s the only app with Color Splash, Tilt-Shift & Panorama AND you add real-time effects to photo & video!

Download Powercam



Camera+ is another awesome camera app for iPhone. It’s not really identical to Instagram, more for technical photography really, but you can share with it and it’s got more filters than Instagram. It’s a really great app, check it out!


With PicYou, basically you decide if you want to share on Twitter and/or Facebook automatically and PicYou makes that happen. While you can add fliters and frames with this app, these filters cost $1 (as in-app purchases). It’s not the cheapest, but it’s sharing people will appeal to alot of Instagram refugees.


With Hipstamatic you can combine frames, lenses, etc. to make ‘unique’ styles. Hipstamatic also makes it kinda seem like you’re using a real camera–if you’re into that. You’ll also want to have a few dollars to blow if you do pick up this app as there are many things to purchase and the app, itself, starts at $2.


EyeEm let’s you share in groups of like-minded photographers.  You can share on pretty much all the popular services the other apps offer as well, but if you’re into the group photography thing then EyeEm is worth a look.