The Top 10 Toys Not to Buy Your Kids – Christmas 2012

wondershare video editor

Have a long list of Christmas toys to buy for your kids? Here are the top 10 toys that definitely should not appear in your Christmas list. These questionable Christmas toys have reached the market over the past few years, but all of them are either dangerous, annoying to parents, or quite frankly – stupid.

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Video Girl Barbie

barbie video girl

Video Girl Barbie has a built-in hidden camera in the chest. The FBI has even warned that Video Girl Barbie could be used as a possible child porn production method by pedophiles.

Child-Size Vuvuzela

vuvuzela bad christmas toy

Kids will no doubt annoy you this Christmas with the child-size Vuvuzela, you’ll want to go bury your head in the snow.

Roadkill Toys

roak kill doll

It’s not a good idea to buy kids a doll of a dead animal for Christmas.

Dr. Drill ‘n’ Fill

dr drill and fill

It’s inappropriate to start a career of dentistry at your kid’s age.  Still want to buy Dr. Drill ‘n’ Fill? go Amazon.

Buzz Lightyear Cup

buzz lightyear cup

This is an awkward design. When your kids use it to drink water, you don’t fancy other things. It’s actually not a bad Christmas toy, though.

Don’t Wake Hulk

dont wake hulk game

Just as the name indicates, you won’t like him when he wakes up.


bob a loop toy

The toy is hard to use. And if you don’t want your kids hit every part of his/her head, stay away from this bad Christmas toy.

My Cleaning Trolley

my cleaning trolley

All children’s toys should be unisex? This toy set branded “Girls Only”. And according to Amazon’s reviews, My Cleaning Trolley falls apart easily, which causes endless frustration, unless you hot glue the parts.

Breast-Feeding Doll Bebe Gloton

breast feeding toy

The truth is that not every parent would think breast-feeding an appropriate activity for his or her kids.

Sportsman Shotgun

The shotgun uses rubber bullets. It is certainly not a good Christmas toy that should used by children. It will probably cause serious facial and eye injuries.

sportsman shotgun toy

Please avoid these Christmas toys. If you and your kids do not have the appropriate warnings, injury or worse would happen. If necessary, supervise their children’s playtime to watch out for sharp projectiles, breakable rope, elastic cord, springy parts, etc.