The Top 10 Awesomest Ringtones Ever

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Welcome to Wondershare’s Blog, Everybody!

This blog is under new management, so take it easy on the new guy.  In this post, you’ll get (1) a list of ten awesome (some might say “awesomely bad”) songs that’ll make killer ringtones, and  (2) I’ll show you how to record your favorites songs and easily turn the best parts into ringtones, using Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder.

Here’s an example of 30 seconds we’d all like to get back:

You board a crowded elevator, bus, etc. focused on after-work plans (Chardonnay and a “Hells Kitchen” marathon?) only to have your sacred quiet shattered by a garbled sample of, say, Bon Jovi’s “Dead or Alive” emanating from some inconsiderate troll’s cell phone?  And you know they’re not gonna pick up the call, ’cause they wanna here that killer solo 25 seconds into the song….

Well, I’m here to tell you, don’t get mad–get even.

It’s time to “Bring the Pain” with your own awesome ringtones made from your favorite awesomely bad songs.  To aid you in this effort, I’ve compiled a list (compiled from other lists…)  of ten tones sure to send anyone within earshot into a frenzy– of jealousy.

Tip: You can download below songs from YouTube for free with Free YouTube Downloader.

The Top Ten Awesomest Ringtones Ever


Lionel Richie, Looking Smooth

"Who's smooth enough to handle this?"

10.  Hello – Lionel Ritchie With a name like “Hello, this is easily an instant classic that will earn you an honorary Jheri-Curl.

9.  Safety Dance – Men Without Hats “We can dance if we want to…”  Oh, they’ll want to dance, all right–thanks to your awesome taste.

8.  Party All The Time – Eddie Murphy Eddie’s on this list twice (if once indirectly) and really, wouldn’t you want him to be?

7. The Informer – Snow I can’t understand most of the lyrics and I’m not sure what corner of Europe Snow crawled out of, but who cares!

6.  Rockit – Herbie Hancock The only instrumental track on this list, this is a funk-a-delic free for all that’ll have your friends doin‘ the robot.

5.  Rainbow in the Dark – Dio A slightly angry, slightly campy, all-heart metal anthem for the demon at heart.

Dio Looking Dangerous

"Metal God."

4.  I Wish Skee-Lo Ballers beware, Skee-Lo calls you out in this basketball ballad ’bout being to short to play ball or score chicks.

4.  Hold the Line – Toto One of two phone-themed songs in this list, Toto brings classic 70’s piano rock to new heights in this masterpiece.

3.  I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)Meatloaf Is further explanation of this song really necessary?

2.  Axel F (Beverly Hills Cop Soundtrack) – Harold Faltermeyer Instantly recognizable and impossible to ignore–born to be a ringtone.

"You have the right to remain awesome."

1.  How Will I Know – Whitney Houston The perfect mix of infectious groove and guilty-pleasure.  How will you know?  Check it out.

Armed with this definitive list, now you might be asking “How do I record songs and make ringtones out of my favorite part?”  You could use sites like Myxer, but here you’re options are limited to the tracks they provide and further limited by what they want to give away for free.  Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder lets you record any audio from sharing sites like YouTube, online radio like Pandora–pretty much any audio stream you can find online.

How to Record Virtually any Streaming Audio Online

1. Open your web browser and access the audio stream you want to record.

2. Hit record without leaving the page, thanks to a remote widget that hides on the side of your screen.

3. Press play on the page and you’re done. Go make a sandwich or count cars.  Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder will use a virtual sound card to record any audio played through your computer’s sound card, preserving 100% of the original audio quality.

Manage all your complete recorded tracks on Streaming Audio Recorder’s main tray:

Recording Streaming Audio

How to Create Ringtones from Your Favorite Music

Now that you’ve recorded the music or other audio you want, here’s how to easily edit each track to make ringtones out of the best parts.

1.  Click the bell icon that’s next to each file name in the playlist.  This will open a bitmap of the track.

2.  Drag and click to select and trim sections of the track to start and end your ringtone.

3.  Click Save and choose either .m4r (for iPhone) or .mp3 (for everything else) formats.

Simply drag and click to select your favorite part to create a custom ringtone:

Now, Go Get Awesome Ringtones!

Okay, now that you know some options on how to create ringtones from your favorite music–go get it done!  You can start by downloading a free trial of Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder.  Then use those ten links on our Top Ten list to go straight to the YouTube video and easily record each song instantly.  Now, rock on!