Siri Alternatives for Android Phones, HTC, Samsung, Motorola

siri-iphoneUndoubtedly, Siri is the most appealing key feature of iPhone 4S. But, it is not the exclusive stuff for iPhone 4S. There are many voice assistant apps have been around for phones for a long time. And they indeed do a good job. Siri, as a matter of fact, just gives them a run. If you’re using Android-based phones, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, etc. you can also have siri alternatives added to your phones as iPhone 4S does. Here in this article, we’re going to introduces two siri alternatives for android phones, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, etc. Here they are:

Speaktoit Assistant 

Speaktoit Assistant works as well as Siri. It is a virtual buddy for your Android phone to answer questions, look for information, launch apps or
even connect you with various web services. Specifically, when you need something, simply speak or type in the daily language you use, Speaktoit will get it and respond instantly. It uses natural language and now adopts the cool voices powered by iSpeech.

You can customize a new appearance for Speaktoit, say blonde or brunette girl, handsome agent or old professor. When you continuously talk to the avatar displayed on the screen, it can identify context and has a conversation mode.speaktoit Iris 

Unlike Speaktoit, iris is younger than siri. And it was created as a response to Siri. You can talk about everything with iris, ranging from philosophy, culture, history, etc. Some of the pre-defined answers are witty enough, making it be capable of competing with Siri in the fun factor. But it cannot hold a candle to Siri in context identifying so far. It can help you make phone calls, send text messages, search for something at the web, look for contact, etc. iris

Neither Speaktoit nor iris is powerful enough as Siri. But they do help you have more fun with your phones. On the upcoming Christmas, besides reading eBooks, watching 3D movies, you can have more fun with your phones.


  • mex

    “Neither Speaktoit nor iris is powerful enough as Siri”

    You are wrong ! Outside US Speaktoit is far far better then Siri!