Share iTunes Music


Packed with a library full of music? Always wanted to share it with families and friends but just don’t know how? Let me show you how to do it! It’s not all that complicated.


First of all, you need to know that you can also share your iTunes music over the home network. So, anyone who can access your home network can practically tap-in and enjoy your music collection too.


To selectively share music from your iTunes, please follow the steps below (this might slightly differ for Mac & Windows operating system);


                Step 1: Open iTunes

                Step 2: iTunes – Preference (For Windows: Edit – Preference)

                Step 3: Click ‘Sharing’

                Step 4: Select ‘Share my library’

                Step 5: Click ‘OK’

Note: Please make sure that you have disabled the Firewall, otherwise you will not be able to share the music. You can always safeguard your content or sharing by adding a password (select the ‘Require Password’).


However, there might be compatibility requirements and you can only share up to five (5) Mac or computers at the same time depending on the sharing option used. For instance, ‘Home Sharing’ where you’ll need your Apple ID to authorize or allow the sharing of your iTunes library.


The options to share iTunes music are more simple and straightforward if you’re all using an iDevice. Thus, you might be less thrilled if you’re the owner of Androids or Symbian devices. But don’t worry, the WS TidyMyMusic, a new product released just less than a month ago will definitely be able to answer your needs or more.


TidyMyMusic is basically your 1-touch iTunes music organizer and library cleanup assistant. You can easily give your music collection a brand new makeover with the automatic feature of retrieving and fixing the mislabeled tracks with artist info, song name, album cover, genre and etc. It will also help you to identify and remove duplicated tracks in order to free up storage space. Read more about it right HERE.


Other than supporting the output format of your audio file in both the popular iTunes M4A type, you can also save it as a MP3 file for playback on other non-Apple devices. Instead of sharing only, you can now do much more with your music collection. And of course, feel free to get in touch or drop us a note if you have something to share!