Review about Wondershare PPT2DVD from Our User – Sharon Esempio

Sharon Esempio, an educator from United State, bought our PPT2DVD to help her educating job on 25th, March 2008. From that time, we have communicated for lots of times about the information about our products, and she demonstrated her strong interest. Recently, she wrote me a review about the product and wanted me to share it with more users.

About Wondershare PPT2DVD

Wondershare PPT2DVD can enable users to burn PowerPoint presentations to DVD with delicate DVD menus, or convert PowerPoint slideshow to video, such as AVI, MPEG, WMV and MP4. It can retain all features in the original PowerPoint, like animations, transitions, narration, audio and video clips. More details here. >>

Dear Apple,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply to my questions about the product application. I really do love this PPT2DVD product, and want to share my experience about using this product with more who maybe have the same need of this kind of product.

Wondershare’s PPT2DVD is an awesome product that really meets the needs of educators or presenters who want to be able to create copies of their presentations in DVD format for distribution.

As an educator, I wanted to be able to have my students have access to the class content that I had created for use from home. We are a poor district and most of our students do not necessarily have access to computers from home. I choose the DVD format because most would have access to the less expensive DVD players.

I wanted to create specialized DVDs where I could provide content in a format that students could use to study content they needed. I began with a series of files that another teacher and I had produced for early reading content. We called our DVD, “Heading to Kindergarten,” and we gave it out to parents registering their children.

PPT2DVD easily allowed me to compile up to 12 PowerPoint presentations into a DVD complete with a menu to allow access to each presentation. The menu also offers many other options that I have only begun to explore such as logos and music.

The process was simple to use, very well explained, and although the compiling process takes a bit of time, I was able to save it in ISO format to easily reproduce copies much more quickly. I also had a few questions initially that Wondershare’s support staff answered via email very promptly.

Overall I was very pleased with how professional the product I produced looked, how easy the process was, and I look forward to trying the other formats that they offer for converting PowerPoint files.

The students, staff, and parents were very pleased with the DVDs and the content that they provided access to. I plan to produce many more such  DVDs for other areas of the curriculum and to also some for our ELL students.

Springfield, MA 01104

Here I really thank Sharon for her support and feel glad that our product can bring such great help for her job. In the future, promoting the quality of our products to improve the experience of users will be our first job. And I hope all of you can give us more advice to make our product better.

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    Thanks for your attention and favour, Jeremy. Thanks to our dearest user – Sharon Esempio, we can get more information about the application of Wondershare PPT2DVD. She is so kind to share this to us. We hope more and more of our users can go here to share their experience for using Wonderhsare products.

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