10 Best New Features of Apple OS X Mountain Lion

18 February by Caleb

Apple just released the next OS X upgrade. There’s a new cat on the block: It’s called Mountain Lion. What new things does it bring? Basically a lot of the things we love about iOS5, with a few extras. Check it out now.

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    Why Monkeys Can’t Resist that iPhone 4 FaceTime Camera

    16 February by Caleb

    camera monkey

    Love to “monkey” around with your iPhone? We came across this great piece of “Gorilla” reporting: Recently, during a trip to his local zoo, YouTube user Mark Rober discovered he could use iPhone’s front-facing “FaceTime” mirror-camera to attract monkeys and simultaneously capture footage of them admiring themselves. However, as the iPhone’s camera is offset from the main screen, in his first batch of footage, the monkeys weren’t looking directly at the screen. So, as a solution he rigged a mirror frame for his iPhone to sit in and took his iPhone back to the zoo for another shoot.

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      Wondershare’s New Video Editor 3: Letting Anyone Impress Everyone

      14 February by Samuel

      We at Wondershare, innovative software and service provider for the home and business, today announce the release of the new Video Editor 3, the totally revamped and reloaded version of the easy-to-use editing suite formerly known as Vivideo.

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        Worst Valentine’s Day Gift Fails 2012

        14 February by Caleb

          Worst Valentine’s Day Gift Fails 2012

          These god-awful gifts are so devoid of romance, I wouldn’t even give them to that ex that dumped me via text. From fast food to genital cosmetology–Ladies, these gifts will make you feel better about the thoughtless garbage you’ve received in the past and fellas–by all means point, laugh, but be afraid–very afraid.

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            Try a Better Movie Maker for Mac, Free

            2 February by Samuel

            Meet Wondershare Fantashow:  Pro digital slideshow making for Mac, easier than iMovie.

            Announcing the much-anticipated re-release of Fantashow–our award-winning movie maker for Mac.  We’ve packed it with more eye-popping templates, a professional voice over feature and somehow made it even easier for anyone at home to transform photos and video into fantastic movies like a pro.

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              Enjoy a Massage Therapy When You Visit Beijing

              30 January by admin

              Beijing is a city that receives by thousands of visitors every year due to its World Cultural Heritages. There is also another reason that makes it a famous city, the massage therapy. If you want to make your visit memorable, this is the something that you should definitely try.

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                How to Choose Qingdao Hotel Massage Services Efficiently

                15 January by admin

                Hotel massage in Qingdao includes the massage in hotels themselves and outcall massage service by the independent massage therapist who render massage in the comfortable and private environment of one’s personal area. The key benefit of this type of massage is you don’t really need to drive all of the method to the massage professional. So you conserve time, vitality and income too.

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                  Great Tips for Sharing Holiday Photos

                  23 December by Samuel

                  The holidays are only days away. Have you got everything ready? Here is our suggestion: Enjoy the endless opportunities to take holiday photos and find your way to share them with family and friends. Usually, email is many people’s choice. But for a large amount of photos, this could not be a good solution. Nowadays, sharing holiday photos is convenient and secure as long as you take care of your privacy settings. Meanwhile, there are some other ways to display your holiday photos effortlessly.

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                    7 Awesome Last-Minute Gifts Ideas

                    22 December by Lily

                    Christmas is almost here and you just realized you forgot to buy holiday gifts for someone in your life? You probably have no time to buy some gifts and get them delivered in time for Christmas. Not fret — the perfect present can be just an email away. Check out our list of great last-minute gift ideas below:

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                      YouTube Launches New School Channel

                      13 December by Caleb

                      YouTube for Schools

                      Parents and teachers rejoice!  No more endless sifting through content to find something
                      appropriate for a lesson in class.  Google has just launched YouTube for Schools, a new site that
                      provides safe access to over 450,000  educational videos on YouTube EDU.  It also filters out all the “distracting” stuff, so students can browse thousands of educational videos without burning brain cells viewing empty viral fluff like “Baby Eating Watermelon”.

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