Through with Instagram? 5 Awesome Alternatives

28 December by Caleb

Ok, so if you’re here, you probably heard about/saw Instagram’s new, shocking terms of service.  So, now they’ve said they’re NOT going to sell your photos, and your dog’s photos and those photos of your kids swimming?  Well, fine but how do we know?  And just because they’ve changed some language on their website–does that mean anything has changed legally?  Instagram may be a fun to use app, but is it your friend?  No.  And so, to give you somewhere else to go… here are 5 fantastic alternatives to Instagram.  Enjoy!

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    New MobileGo for Android 3.0: Now With More Features for the Latest Devices

    21 December by Caleb

    Tired of randomly losing stuff from your phone? Maybe you just want to make extra room for more media?

    With MobileGo, you can back up everything including contacts, SMS, apps, photos,music, videos,catalogs, etc.  Vice versa, you can restore all or selected backed-up files to your Android phone with a click.  Wanna see for yourself?  TRY IT FREE!

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      The Top 10 Christmas Movies for Kids

      19 December by Caleb

      HO, HO, HO!  ’Tis the season for our little ones to treasure… and terrorize our houses with pre-Christmas energy that’s enough to make your hair as white as Santa’s. Whether you need to distract your little sugar plum while you take the Turkey out of the oven, or drive cross country–we at Wondershare are here to help you out, with this sure-to-sedate them list of , what we think are the 10 best Christmas Movies of all time.  So without further ado, here’s the list!  Happy Holidays!

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        Wondershare AllMyTube 3.0: Now 1 Click to Download & Convert YouTube Videos

        14 December by Caleb

        Great news for YouTube fans!  Looking for a full-service YouTube downloader that works every time and gives you more options to quickly and seamlessly download the content you love?    Introducing Wondershare AllMyTube 3.0, the same great one-click YouTube Downloader for Windows and Mac, now with 3 new features:

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          7 Tips for Taking Better Christmas Card Photos

          12 December by Caleb

          wondershare video editor

          Tired of staring at the same stiff, rehearsed-looking family Christmas photos year after year?  It really doesn’t matter if you took a tons of photography courses at the community college art annex, or you’re snapping the fam on your iPhone,  Nikon Coolpix, or some scary black Canon with a bazooka lens.  So what DOES matter?

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            An incredible Christmas Giveaway, Discounts & Games only at Wondershare

            7 December by Caleb

            wondershare video editor

            It’s baaack.  Welcome another Wondershare Christmas one-of-a-kind-promotion!  What’s on our list for this year?  Events include a free software giveaway, up to 60% discounts off top software for the whole family and great games with a chance to win free software.  Heard enough and wanna get started?  CHECK OUT OUR CHRISTMAS PAGE NOW!  To learn more about what’s on offer this Christmas, keep reading and get ready to save!

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              MobileGo for iOS: Transfer EVERYTHING from Your iPhone to Your PC and Back!

              15 November by Caleb

              Got an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch but when it comes to computers, you’re a Windows user?  Tired of iTunes policing what songs, movies, etc. you can and cannot swap to and from your PC and iDevice–like basically ANYTHING not from iTunes?!!!!  Or maybe you just want to back up everything on your iPhone, like contacts, photos, etc. on your PC in an easy-to-access way?  Well, you’re in luck!  Our latest breakthrough product, MobileGo for iOS, lets you cut iTunes out of your data management equation.

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                Wondershare MobileTrans: 1 Click iPhone to Android Data Transfer Supertool

                14 November by Caleb

                In the age of smartphones, we're all dinosaurs.

                Use a smartphone? Of course you do–it’s 2012, anyone not using a smartphone by now is a total dinosaur. Well, If you’ve ever switched smartphones, you know your wireless carrier can transfer contacts from your old phone, which is great and all… but who just uses their smartphone for contacts? Not me, I use mine to store data, calendars, photos–and of course old text messages and call logs are important.  You’re wireless carrier can’t transfer those things, but phone-to-phone data transfer software can.

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                  5 Wondershare Top Sellers Now for Windows 8

                  13 November by Caleb

                  Are you using the new Windows 8 operating system?  Wondershare is too!  All our most popular titles are now 100% Windows 8 compatible, so you can enjoy the same great Wondershare advantage on the World’s newest and most talked-about OS. Whether you need to pick up state-of-the-art software for multimedia, business, PDF or other uses, Wondershare has got you covered.  To give you a taste of what’s available, check out 5 of our bestsellers below, all decked out and ready for Windows 8.

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                    The Ultimate Halloween 2012 Party Playlist

                    12 October by Caleb

                    Halloween is commmmming…..! In prep, we at Wondershare have compiled THE devinitive list of 10 songs that’ll get your Halloween Party started right. There’s some favorites, some classics and some just plain weird songs in this batch. Hope we’ve listed a couple that are new to you, or old favorites you’d forgotton about, that’ll help get you in the spooky mood. Happy Halloween!

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