Free Fun Gift for Mom – Fantashow is Free Through Mother’s Day

6 May by Caleb


Wondering what to get Mom for Mother’s Day?  It’s just around the corner so please consider this:  Wondershare’s fun and fabulous photo and video moviemaker, Fantashow is free for 3 months, if you order between 2013/4/25-2013/5/20 PST.  To get free months free, visit our promo page now!  So, free stuff is great right?  Of course, but what IS Fantashow?

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    Presenting The New Fantashow. More Styles, More Smiles, More Everything.

    29 March by Caleb

    What’s Fantashow? Fantashow is the fun, easy and fabulous way to creatively combine your photos, video clips, favorite songs, voiceover and narration into a multimedia movie expression of your most precious memories you can share via Facebook, YouTube and more.

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      AllMyTube Presents: The 47 Song-Strong Super Bowl 47 Party Playlist

      30 January by Caleb


      With all the hype surrounding the Super Bowl, you’d think it was the most important day of the year. The game is just part of the fun along with the 900-layer bean dip and chips. But on top of that, great tunes make the difference–you know, stuff that gets you fi’ed up. So, to bring some stadium-style excitement to your Super Bowl party, here’s the infamous 47 Song Stron Super Bowl 47 party playlist.

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        Wondershare Software 4 School – Unlimited Free Multimedia Software for Educators

        24 January by Caleb

        Schools getting short-changed effects technology education.  Without funds, schools simply can’t upgrade their computer systems, even using the same old software year after year.  To help, Wondershare is offering unlimited copies of free multimedia software for educators anywhere in the US and Canada.

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          When Where and How to Stream Super Bowl 47 Live

          22 January by Caleb

          Can’t be near a TV for whatever reason?  Don’t sweat!  For the second year in a row, U.S. football fans can watch the Super Bowl live on a computer, phone, tablet and yes–even a phablet.   Over 2 million folks watched the Super Bowl online last year with many more expected to stream super bowl 47. So, without wasting anymore of your precious time, find the facts below.

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            Dont Qualify for Amazon AutoRip? Get Free MP3 Music Anyway, Now!

            11 January by Caleb

            As you may or may not have heard already, today Amazon introduced a Amazon AutoRip, a new service automatically exchanging any CDs they’ve purchased from Amazon since the debut of its Music Store in 1998—with FREE MP3 versions! This swapped-out digital music is being placed in users’ Amazon Cloud Player accounts as we speak!  Amazon AutoRip service is offered for over 50,000 albums on, with more on the way.

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              Beat the Post Holiday Blues: Create a Christmas Slideshow

              10 January by Caleb

              It’s that time of year again…  No–not THAT time of year.  Not the time of year when your family and friends get together and get warm and cozy away from the cold to share holiday cheer and a whole lot of delicious food… That’s the point.  It’s THAT time of year…. the post holiday blues time of year.  Down in the dumps again?  Don’t be!  Do something fun and creative with those Christmas memories while you got all those photos just laying around the house.  Make a dazzling DVD slideshow of your Christmas memories, easy as pie, and in NO time at all!

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                Dr.Fone Presents: The 5 Best iPhone Productivity Apps for 2013

                8 January by Caleb

                It can be hard to keep resolutions , doubly so when you’re lacking the proper tools to stay on top of your life, whether it’s finances, fitness, forms, mail–the whole shebang. With the lofty goal of finally aligning your life in 2013, we at Wondershare urge you to check out our five favorite apps for getting down to business below.  No matter which aspect of your life you’re yearning to get back on track (in my case, ALL of them) there’s an app for it!

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                  Viral Video Timeline: Gangnam Style – By Free You Tube Downloader

                  28 December by Caleb

                  OPP, OPP, OPP!  OPPA GANGNAM STYLE!!! Heyyyy sexy ladies (and gentlemen) out there!  This is the crew from Wondershare with a special shoutout of congrats to our boy PSY, the Asian senstation that’s rockin’ all nations!  How can we say congrats properly?  With a special Free You Tube Downloader Salutes edition of Wondershare Blog!!!

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                    After Christmas Special! How to Play ALL Your Videos on Your New iPhone 5

                    28 December by Caleb


                    So, Christmas is over and you got WHAT?  A brand new iPhone 5???  Awesome.  So, you added all your contacts, photos of your kids, etc. etc…. now THE FUN PART!!!  You’re going optimize all your video to be iPhone 5 compatible!!! For this job, you’ll require powerful video conversion software.  How about Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate?  It’s fast, easy to use and awesome as you’ll see below!

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