Mid-Autumn Festival

18 September by Melissa C.

 (Also commonly known as the Mooncake Festival)

The annual celebration falls on the 15th day of the eight month in the Chinese’s lunar calendar. In 2013, the Mid-Autumn festival is dated on the 19th of September, which is tomorrow! Apart from the Chinese New Year (which is normally in January or February), the Mid-Autumn festival is considered to be one of the largest or major festival celebrated by the Chinese, Taiwanese and Vietnamese (the festival is known locally as “Tet-Trung-Thu”).

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    Top 5 iTunes Plug-ins for Windows and Mac

    11 September by Melissa C.


    Your music is no longer freeze in iTunes or restricted for playback with only Apple supported media players! Let the music play! You should be in control of the music and not the other way round. You can actually do more with your iTunes music than you ever realize.


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      Share iTunes Music

      26 August by Melissa C.


      Packed with a library full of music? Always wanted to share it with families and friends but just don’t know how? Let me show you how to do it! It’s not all that complicated.


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        Install Flash Player for Your Android

        8 August by Melissa C.


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          What are the Benefits of QuickTime Components?

          5 August by Melissa C.



          QuickTime Components are basically a collection of open resources or applications that is made accessible to everyone. It houses a variety of plugs-in or adds-on by 3rd party developers with the best intentions of expanding the QuickTime’s current database of functionality. In short, the Components improve the list of supported media file types, formats as well as compatibility.

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            No iDVD on Your New Mac? Where can I get it?

            30 July by Melissa C.

            Most of the new Macs owner will perhaps find this quite troubling too as why are there options to edit their videos but they’re not able to burn it onto a DVD for sharing. For those who own Macs with a Superdrive, they’re still able to burn DVDs but new owners of OS 10.7 Lion (iWeb is also excluded) and OS 10.8 Mountain Lion will soon realize that iDVD is no longer offered or bundled as part of the iLife package.

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              iMovie Frequently Asked Questions Answered

              24 July by Melissa C.


              Do you have any unanswered questions in regards to iMovie?

              Sometimes, it can be pretty hard to find the ‘right’ answers. Mainly because once we have typed our questions into the search column of our browsers, too many answers are being recommended! How are we supposed to filter them through one by one? It’s not like a mission impossible, but unless you’re really that determined or else it’s almost certain to put us off.

              frequently asked questions about iMovie

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                7 Latest & Trending Tools to Enhance Your Music and Videos Experience.

                18 July by Melissa C.

                Make the best out of the available YouTube tools. There’s a long list to go through if you want to find a suitable ‘tool’ to enhance your music and videos experience. To save you the hassle, we’ve trimmed up the list to the 7 latest or trending tools that’s helpful.

                YouTube Toolbox

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                  What’s New in iOS7

                  11 July by Melissa C.

                   what's new in ios7


                  Have you just upgraded yours from iOS 6 to iOS 7? Did you manage to spot the difference? We’ve taken a look into what’s new about it and would like to share what we have spotted from our end. Apart from the obvious makeover with the icons and menu’s designs (in terms of color, buttons and dials), the other one thing that stands out from the rest is the new CONTROL CENTRE (on the home screen).

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                    Dr.Fone for iOS Version 3.0.0 released

                    4 July by Melissa C.

                    Dr.Fone for iOS


                    Have you been longing for an upgrade? Here’s the good news! We’ve just released the updated Dr.Fone for iOS Version 3.0.0


                    Dr.Fone for iOS is the WORLD’s 1st data recovery software for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. You’ll be able to recover your missing or lost data directly from your device or through extraction from the iTunes backup files.

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