Looking For Some Christmas Gift Ideas?

18 November by Melissa C.

Even though Christmas is more than a month away, it’s never too early to think about the PERFECT Christmas gift. Are you struggling with your list of gifts? Perhaps I can help with some ideas to contribute. First off all, make sure you have set yourself a budget. Then you can proceed to identifying and locking down the intended recipient. It’ll be a whole lot easier that way.

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    Silence Your Facebook

    11 November by Melissa C.

    Getting annoyed with all the notifications, emails, alerts, apps invitations, tagging and much more from your Facebook account? Maybe it’s time for you to ‘Silence your Facebook’. In fact, you have the option to switch (I mean manually, not just by a click of a button) your account to a “Read-only” mode. However, the steps required aren’t as easy as what I’ve expected. No wonder there’s always this privacy issues hovering the headlines.

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      How Practical are the Curved-Screen Mobile Phones?

      1 November by Melissa C.

      The Samsung’s Galaxy Round is officially acclaimed to be the world 1st mobile phone with a curved-screen. The announcement was made back in early October this year, whereas its strongest rival (in terms of curved screen) LG is closely catching up. LG’s announcement was only a weeks old at the time I’m blogging about this. The introduction of G Flex has indirectly confirmed the rumors in regards to the leaks reported in Engadget previously. Both have made similar claims that their version of curved-screen is the world’s 1st. However, that’s not going to be the main point of my article.

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        Deleted Comments in User’s Forum

        1 November by Melissa C.

        I’ve decided to write on the “Deleted Comments in User’s Forum” due to the growing mess about a recent iOS 7’s user comment being deleted in the Apple’s forum. If you’re not aware about how the chaos has unfolded, simply read into Lessig’s blog. Apparently, he’s also an academic as well as a political activist. So you can imagine some level of persistence in his pursuit of gaining a proper and well-deserved explanation.

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          Alternative Messaging Apps for Your Smartphone

          25 October by Melissa C.

          What do I mean exactly by the ‘Alternative Messaging App’? It’s basically referring to the 3rd party’s Apps that are similar to the SMS function. Before the introduction of these alternative messaging Apps, we tend to text each another with the SMS and the costs (per SMS) would vary according to the different service providers as well as location.

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            Halloween’s Film Special

            22 October by Melissa C.

            Any plans lined up for the special day? How about some recent horror films or all-time classics for both adults and kids? I’m a big fan of horror films myself and I’ve watched pretty much that’s listed below.


            It’s also not surprising to say that some of my favorites have made it to the Top 10’s as well. How about yours? As for the more recent ones, I think I’ve missed the “Sinister” and will definitely catch up on it this weekend.

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              Top 10 FREE Online Streaming Sites for Music Videos

              18 October by Melissa C.

              A fan of music videos? You’ll love this new list then. Just a couple of days back I’ve blogged about the Top 10 FREE Online Streaming Sites for Movies and TV Shows, so I thought it’ll be a nice idea to compile another list but for Music Videos instead.


              You can easily download your favorite tracks or music from 8 out of the 10 sites mentioned using either a plug-in or installation of an external software. Music videos from the remaining 2 sites (Yahoo! Music and MTV) can only be downloaded upon purchase. Still, you can always access it online!

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                Top 10 FREE Online Streaming Sites for Movies and TV Shows

                11 October by Melissa C.

                Unless it’s for the latest movies or TV shows, many of us are quite against the idea of having to pay or subscribe in order to watch it. Hence, we constantly surf to search for online sites that offer FREE viewing or download.


                In my quest, I’ve came across quite a few. Instead of listing them out one by one, I’ve listed out the top 10 FREE online streaming sites for both movies and TV shows respectively. All you have to do is just click on the individual links and look up for your favorite clips based on the different countries, languages, genres, year or release and much more.

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                  Chromecast’s Alternatives (Updated)

                  29 September by Melissa C.

                  Latest News: Amazon Fire TV has just been launched on the 2nd of April, 2014. Read about it’s features, some hot trending facts as well as what you can do about it in comparison to Chromecast!


                  You’ve probably heard off or used Chromecast before deciding to look for an alternative. However, I’m just going to explain a little bit more for those who haven’t. Chromecast is practically an USB drive or stick that you can connect to your TV’s HDMI port in order to playback contents from your mobile phones, tablets or netbooks. At this very moment, it only supports Android-operating devices, iPhones, iPad, Chrome for Mac and Windows. You can also watch online videos from popular sites such as Netflix, YouTube, Google Play and Chrome.



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                    How do I Import Files from a Camcorder onto iMovie?

                    23 September by Melissa C.

                    If you wish to import your files onto iMovie for editing purpose, make sure that the recordings are captured in either an AVCHD, DV or HDV files format. Depending on the version of iMovie that you have installed on your Mac, the list of supported or compatible camcorders might differ.


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