Wondershare Completes the Acquisition of AnyBizSoft Studio

21 May by Selena Lee

In the joint efforts and negotiation of parties, Wondershare Software Co., Ltd. and AnyBizSoft Studio strike a final agreement today: AnyBizSoft officially becomes a sub-brand of Wondershare. Wondershare has the right of all products of AnyBizSoft, and AnyBizSoft will still in normal operations. Wondershare finally completes the acquisition of AnyBizSoft Studio.

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    Top 5 Father’s Day Movies

    19 May by Jenny Zeng

    About a month later, Father’s Day will come on 20th June! Happy Fathers Day to all your Dads though it’s a little bit earlier to say so, whatever, special days should be treated specially!

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      Cherish Your Graduation Day Memories

      14 May by Jenny Zeng

      Graduation day, 2010. The long awaited day has arrived when all the hard work of years, culminates in this day of celebration. It is a milestone and an achievement. It is an end to one phase and the beginning of another.

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        Cannes Festival 2010 Preview

        13 May by Jenny Zeng

        2010 marks the 63rd Cannes Film Festival which opened on 12 May 2010 with the first screening of a new Robin Hood Film starring Australians Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett in the lead roles of Robin and Marian.

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          One-Day Giveaway: Get Wondershare USB Drive Encryption for Free

          13 May by Clover Joyner

          Important data and private files, not expected to be exposed.
          Previously, wrote them on dairy, locked.
          Later, kept them on computer, password protected.
          Then, create a blog on the web, unreal name titled.
          Finally, transfer them on your portable devices, take them along.

          Still worried about the peep and loss of your portable devices, right?

          Here, Wondershare USB Drive Encryption, it can help you to encrypt your USB drives, not the whole device, making the vital data read-only by yourself on it. What’s more, Wondershare USB Drive Encryption is given away for one day, and everyone can get it for free on 13th, May 2010.

          The greatest function of Wondershare USB Drive Encryption is, you can divide your USB Drive into two areas after encryption: secure area and public area. Files are well password protected on secure area, and they can be hidden to be only viewed by you, while files are unencrypted on public area, and everyone can access them. In addition, under read-only mode, files on secure area are antivirus. Never worry about the loss of them.

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            Mother’s Day Gift ideas Summary

            5 May by Jenny Zeng

            Mother’s Day is around the corner, it is the perfect opportunity to tell a mom in your life just how much she means to you. But that can be a lot of pressure, too! For you may have no idea on finding the perfect gift. Well, we’ve put together a guide to Mother’s Day gift ideas specially tailored for different types of moms.

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              Brand-new Support Center for Wondershare Released

              29 April by Selena Lee

              In order to provide our customers a better and easy-to-use way for help, and after a result of the hard work of our designers and programmers, Wondershare Support Center 4.0 has come out with an absolutely new interface.

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                Mother’s Day Big Surprise – Get Free Wondershare Photo Collage Studio

                28 April by Clover Joyner

                Wondershare offers the worldwide consumers the FREE Photo Collage Studio for Mother’s Day surprise. This is the best and easiest photo collage software to turn photos into an impressive creation. Enables everyone to choose their own way to create digital scrapbooks, greeting cards and calendars within only a few clicks for Wedding, Holiday and other occasion, such as the coming Mother’s Day!

                Want to preserve you and mom’s precious memories as good-looking digital scrapbooks? Dreamed to be a cover boy or girl on Mother’s Day cards or send a calendar to mom with her smiling faces printed on? Wondershare Photo Collage Studio can meet all those functions above and dare to say upload your mom’s photos made by our Photo Collage Studio to internet, you may find your mom on the front pages tomorrow which replace Brad Pitt!

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                  Wondershare PowerSuite Golden 2012 Was Released – Offer You the Best Privacy Guard

                  27 April by Selena Lee

                  Wondershare Software Co., Ltd. announced the release of  Wondershare PowerSuite Golden. It’s a powerful file encryption utility preventing prying eyes from your confidential files, and presents brand-new ways to protect private and confidential documents.

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                    Convert PowerPoint to Video with Wondershare PPT2Video

                    22 April by Selena Lee

                    As a professional provider of video and flash presentation software, Wondershare is always dedicated in the enhancement for presentation tools.

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