Wondershare Announces Release of Photo Recovery 2.0

20 August by Selena Lee

Wondershare Software, an innovative provider of consumer software, today announced the release of its upgrade item of picture recovery tool Wondershare Photo Recovery 2.0, which provides users a safe, easy and fast way to recover lost photos, video and audio files.

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    2010 Back to School Prep: Best Resources for Teachers & Students

    19 August by Clover Joyner

    When it comes to back to school, the first reflection from our mind is about study. Study should come first, but it doesn’t mean only hitting the books. It also means hitting the computer to bang out a term paper, create a PowerPoint-type presentation or simply go online to find out next week’s assignments. And this is not only to students, but also teachers.

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      Wondershare Announced the Release of Media Library for Mac

      11 August by Selena Lee

      Wondershare released a robust DVD management software, Media Library for Mac, which is designed to help DVD fans organize, catalog and backup DVD collections on Mac OS X.

      Many of us are fond of DVD movies, but with buying numbers of DVD discs, our living rooms are starting to look like overstocked video stores. But Wondershare Media Library for Mac can save you from heavy DVD organization tasks. With it you can organize, catalog, backup your DVD collections and build your own DVD library on Mac easily.

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        Wondershare Releases New Rapid E-Learning Authoring Tool

        21 July by Selena Lee
        Wondershare, one of the leading consumer software providers, has released their new version of rapid E-Learning software — Wondershare Rapid E-Learning Suite (RES) Deluxe V5.6, a powerful and easy-to-use suite of E-Learning authoring tools for teachers, trainers, designers, researchers and evaluators to make stunning E-Learning course content with quizzes, screencasts, and videos rapidly.

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          Time Freeze 2.0 – Popular Virtual System Software from Wondershare

          14 July by Selena Lee

          Wondershare Software announced Time Freeze 2.0 – Upgrade version of the free virtual system software Time Freeze 1.0. As easy and effective as always, Time Freeze 2.0 brings to users better using experience with its revolutionary new design, efficient virtual system performance, and support to 64-bit Windows 7, XP, Vista and Windows 2000.

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            Pre-order Wondershare Web Gallery for Mac at 50% Discount

            9 July by Clover Joyner

            Good news! Since Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory launched in market, it has received much appraise from users. In order to satisfy Mac users, we have developed Web Gallery for Mac. And it will be released on August 6th, 2010. From July 8th Jul. to 6th Aug, we begin to accept 50% discount pre-order for the software.

            How to get this software at the expense of least money? What you have to do is just to visit Wondershare Web Gallery for Mac and leave your name and address with not a single penny .In this case, you can get the software at 50% less than the original price $59.95. The discount is exclusively for the pre-order users who order between July 8th and August 6th. If you have expected such software for long but don’t know where to buy, you can seize this big opportunity now. We will return to the original price after the date of 6th Aug.

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              Wondershare iDraft Ranks NO.1 in Apple Store

              7 July by Kyle Chen

              After Jobs has perfectly displayed all functions of the iPad to its eager audience, People don’t plan to stop their eager for more extra functions added to the iPad. The apps for iPad in Apple Store are emerging in endlessly, and now the hottest one in the store is Wondershare iDraft, ranking No.1 in the catalogue of iPad apps and the catalogue of productivity.

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                Wondershare DemoCreator 3.0 – Enjoy the Simplicity of Screen Recording

                1 June by Selena Lee

                Wondershare announced its screen recording software — Wondershare DemoCreator 3.0 — aiming to help software developers, teachers, marketing personnel and technical support staff create professional and interactive voice-over presentations and tutorials better. The latest version of Wondershare DemoCreator offers a Microsoft Office-style user interface, enhanced editing features supporting more objects and a simplified screencast publishing solution.

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                  Wondershare Releases PowerPoint 2010 Compatible PPT-to-DVD Converter

                  25 May by Selena Lee

                  After nearly a year’s waiting for the release of Microsoft(R) PowerPoint 2010, it will eventually arrive in June. Its new ability to turn presentations into WMV videos makes it easy to share PowerPoint presentations on the Web. To meet the needs of sharing PowerPoint in more flexible ways, Wondershare, a provider of diverse consumer software products and services, updates its flagship product PPT2DVD, and makes it the first PowerPoint to DVD converter in the world that enables users to burn PowerPoint 2010 presentations onto DVDs.

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                    Top Recommended Father’s Day Gift Ideas

                    24 May by Jenny Zeng

                    Father’s Day is coming around again, this is a good time when you can let your father know how much you love and appreciate him. If you are still wondering what to get your dad, here is a top 6 gift ideas list to use for making your dad a great Father’s Day!

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