No iDVD on Your New Mac? Where can I get it?

Most of the new Macs owner will perhaps find this quite troubling too as why are there options to edit their videos but they’re not able to burn it onto a DVD for sharing. For those who own Macs with a Superdrive, they’re still able to burn DVDs but new owners of OS 10.7 Lion (iWeb is also excluded) and OS 10.8 Mountain Lion will soon realize that iDVD is no longer offered or bundled as part of the iLife package.


This can be really frustrating because some folks might not be aware until they’ve purchased a new Mac or until they really need to use iDVD that they’ve came to realize that iDVD is no longer part of the iLife bundle. If you’re lucky, you could still re-install iDVD from an old re-installer disk that’s lying around somewhere.


Otherwise, you might have to purchase the software online. You can only purchase another copy of the iLife disk from a 3rd party retailer such as or Make sure that you rush ahead of time if you are planning to get a new Mac because stocks of the iLife package that comes with iDVD won’t last forever.


You can also try to download iLife ’09 because it is more useful compared to iLife ’11. iLife ’09 comes with all of the themes for selection. After that, you can easily upgrade it from Apple’s Download center.


The last option is to get an alternative – Wondershare DVD Creator. This program can be installed and run on both Windows and Macs computers. It’s more versatile compared to iDVD because Wondershare DVD Creator has a built-in editor so you can edit your videos using exactly the same program. Similar to iDVD, there’s also a range of free templates to spoil you for choices. In order to check out other features that’s offered by this iDVD alternative, you can always download the trial version HERE.