Kindle Fire Sweeps through Tablet Market

kindle-fireAmazon Kindle Fire is now the hottest Android-based tablet in the market. Its shipping day is just around the corner. Some people are worried that they cannot get the tablet on time, because some estimates has pointed out the pre-order figures roars high and high, the first day is 100,000, then every subsequent day is 20,000 average. It is really a hit.

November 15 is the day that Amazon ships its newest eBook reader, Kindle Fire. Comparing with its old Kindles, Kindle 2, Kindle 3, this time, there are so many differences. Kindle Fire is the first Kindle Amazon has released without an e-ink display. This is the first time Amazon unveils and ships a product just like what Apple has done all the time. This is also the first time Amazon begins to promote its competitors. What the hell is that supposed to mean? Amazon is bulged with strategies to expand its scope of business? The truth is at hand.

Kindle Fire comes with a color 7-inch multi-touch display, which, at least, arouses my interests, who like something slim, something colorful and something snappy. If you’re a user of these old Kindles, you might say the e-ink display is really good for eye. However, compared with the LED-backlit, the black-and-white display suffers an eclipse.

kindle-fireWhat arouses people’s curiosity is Amazon has updated to its Appstore for Android download platform for Kindle Fire rather than Kindle Fire itself. When put Kindle Fire with other android tablets, it could no longer be the outstanding one. It does not have a microphone, camera, or SD slot, while other Android tablets have. Only Wi-Fi option is available, while other tablets have both 3G and Wi-Fi versions. What’s the big difference? Besides offering more than 18 million movies, TV shows, songs, books, and magazines from itself, Amazon has integrated Android apps with several thousand of the most popular Android apps and games, even putting its competitors’ apps into its own app, like Netflix, Pandora.

It is really unbelievable, right? How dare Amazon allow users to access to its competitors via its own Appstore? If people access to Netflix and Pandora, how Amazon rent or sell its movies and songs to users? Is it a little bit like Apple’s iTunes Store, Appstore? See the trick? Google’s Android Market might not be as powerful as Apple Appstore.

kindle-fireThough these figures, the Android Appstore and the low price $199 make Kindle Fire a hit, what more important is user experience. I still remember the first day I saw Kindle 3, I thought it was fake one. Its appearance really disappointed me. Additionally, its performance in reading PDF drove me crazy. Lucky enough, there is a way to fix it. I converted PDF  to Kindle Friendly format. Otherwise, I will not use Kindle again. Hope Kindle Fire could win users’ hearts.