iPhone 5 Rumors: The Bullet Points

With the iPhone 5 release date rumored to be as soon as September 15, you’re no doubt anxious to get all the details–true or not, we all crave them!  Well, at Wondershare we’ve combed the web for all the juiciest iPhone news and compiled it all here, now for you.  So educate yourself about all things iPhone, true or not, so you can be ready to speculate with your friends this weekend at the bar.

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So, like me you were probably disappointed that the 4S basically looked the same as the iPhone 4. Well,it looks like this round the iPhone really will get a drastic makeover.  And, thaks to a few of those good old fashioned leaks Apple’s now so famous for, we’ve got a bit of a picture of what it’ll look like–maybe.

– Yoga Body: The 5 should sport a taller and slimmer body shape than the iPhone 4/4S

– Metal Exterior: It’ll all be encased in a unibody aluminum chassis, with some square “windows” in the back to aid reception.

– Ebony and Ivory: It looks like there will still be black and white models; white with brushed metal “windows” and black with a gunmetal gray finish.

– Lo-jack: The headphone jack has moved to the bottom.

– In My Grill: The front-facing camera is now above the speaker grill.

– Pinnovaton:  Expect a shrunken connector and even (GASP) a new USB cable. With this smaller plug, we can expect an adapter to connect with all our old 30 pin apple stuff.


With all the big Android players, producing some seriously monstrously large screens, Apple looks to be finally catching up with iPhone 5–though we don’t blame them for focusing on the retina display.  Here’s what’s up.

– BigPicture:  According to Reuters all the way back in May, the next iPhone’s screen should be at least four inches diagonally.

– Changing Aspect:  Apparently the iPhone 5 will sport a 16:9 aspect ratio with a resolution of 1136 x 640. This basically means a bit wider screen, so that’s cool.

– Apple Razr:  One likely rumor is that Apple has fitted the iPhone 5 with a new technology that integrated the touch sensor directly in the screen.  This tech would allow for a significantly slimmer phone.


Rumors, like beauty apparently, seem only to be skin deep.  Compared to design and display, we still know relatively little about the innards of the world’s most anticipated device.  But here’s what we got.

– 5 Alive:  It’s been whispered that the iPhone 5 might sport an A5 X phone. It would certainly boost performance, but the A5X is power hungry and would be a tricky fit.  More likely it’ll feature the A5, which should run it just fine.

– LTE???:  this is probably true–there just been to many leaks and rumors in this direction.  A TD-LTE-compatible iPhone, incidentaly, would let Apple jump into a future Japan/China 4G market.

So, what to make of all this buzz?  Don’t let it go to your head.  There’s so much anticipatory buzz surrounding every app,e announcement you should just get ready to be blown away try it out, lust after it and find something to complain about.  In the meantime, we hope you can tough it out until September 15 with only your iPhone 4 to keep you company.  Till then, cheers.




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