iPhone 5 Photos Revealed by Case-Mate?

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What’s the difference between Apple and BP?  Maybe nothing if you’re counting leaks.  Cupertino’s latest cleanup crisis hit Thursday morning when TechCrunch’s Matt Burns happened upon a Case-Mate product page featuring an encased phone sporting some familiar lines under that aluminum skin.

According to Burns, who’s seen a few iDevices in his time, the mystery phone shape showed “styling cues clearly taken from the iPad 2 and current iPod touch with a tapered back and thinner casing.”

A possible photo of Apple's new iPhone5 from Case-Mate's website

iMistake or clever marketing ploy?

To this author, it looks like a fun-size iPad2 and, well, that would be awesome.  There’s nothing wrong with the iPad2 that wrapping it in a free-with-contract phone couldn’t fix.  If this is indeed our first, if fully-clothed look at the iPhone5, at least we can tell it will likely be slimmer and less square around the edges, which should contribute to better “palm-ability”, yes I just made that word up.

Whatever this U-Ph-O (Unidentified Phone Object) was, before Burns could publish his post, Case-Mate had scrapped the iPhone5 page and replaced it with a rather cheeky landing page.  Of course we’ll have to wait until October for Tim Cook’s official unveiling to see the real thing, but likely this Case-Mate fiasco is just one of many more marketing teasers designed to whet our appetite.  Well, mission accomplished.

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