iMovie Frequently Asked Questions Answered


Do you have any unanswered questions in regards to iMovie?

Sometimes, it can be pretty hard to find the ‘right’ answers. Mainly because once we have typed our questions into the search column of our browsers, too many answers are being recommended! How are we supposed to filter them through one by one? It’s not like a mission impossible, but unless you’re really that determined or else it’s almost certain to put us off.

frequently asked questions about iMovie

That is also the main push for me to pen this down, not only as a convenience for myself but also for the other users who have questions about their iMovie. I’ve shortlisted the iMovie frequently asked questions (FAQs) where you can find your answers from three very helpful search or resource section.


I’ll go through each of them and then segment (in bullet points) the advantages of using either one of the three FAQs so it will save you the time of having to screen it all through again.


The FAQs here are segregated into four main categories. The different categories are mainly on how to ‘Get Started’ and questions about ‘Troubleshooting’; how to upload, add or enhance your ‘Videos’; as well as getting ‘Recent Software Updates’. All you have to do it is browse through the specific categories and try to search answers for your questions. At most for each query or search, there will be around 100 plus answers.


As for’s FAQ central, the layout of the search is more straightforward and direct. In comparison to the Mac Apps Support, it is considered to be less tedious because the information or answers provided to your questions are easier to digest and very much shorter in terms of length. So, you could try out the suggested methods or way to try and solve your iMovie issues. However, the quantity or amount of answers prompted in regards to iMovie might not be as much as what is suggested in the Mac Apps Support.


If you have tried both of the above mentioned sites and still can’t find answers or solutions to your questions, then it might be more useful for you to just type in your questions (either short or long ones) into the search box of Wondershare iMovie Tips Collection. You’ll be surprised that there are over 3,000 results on how to troubleshoot iMovie’s frequently asked questions. The other plus point is that the content is easy to read with the addition of screenshots that is included to guide you through the process.