7 Tips for Taking Better Christmas Card Photos

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Tired of staring at the same stiff, rehearsed-looking family Christmas photos year after year?  It really doesn’t matter if you took a tons of photography courses at the community college art annex, or you’re snapping the fam on your iPhone,  Nikon Coolpix, or some scary black Canon with a bazooka lens.  So what DOES matter?

7 Tips for Taking Better Christmas Card Photos

1.  Invest in Photo Editing Software:  Software allows you to get creative as well as fix lighting problems, etc.  My personal suggestion?  Why of course it’s Wondershare Scrapbook Studio, the easy, fun greeting card software tool, now compatible for Windows 8!  Want to get started?  Download a Free Trial Now!

2. Consider the Cast:  Each member of your family has a unique personality–showcase it!  Find some light, clothing, pose–SOMETHING–and let them all shine in their own individual way!

3.  Location, Location, Location:  Pick a scenic spot–as if you’re setting up for a painting.  Places that hold some special significance for your family are also great.



4.  Coordinate!:  Matching perfectly is not important, but complimenting each other’s clothing definitely is.  Get it right–this color clash could be contributing a lot to past picture fails…

5.  Know Your Equipment. Read your instruction manual thoroughly because there may be inventive and creative tricks that can enhance your family photo.

Tone it down. WAY down.

6. Take test shots (without the family) of the location where you are going to shoot the photos. This gives you the time to determine the best lighting and angles so your family photo shoot runs smoothly. Try different angles and think about how you will arrange the family artistically.

7.  Stay positive. Taking a family portrait can be a challenge, so it is up to the photographer to keep everyone focused and happy. Try to schedule the session for a time when everyone will be in a good mood. For example, don’t take the photos when children should be taking their nap.




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