How to Make a Personalized Thanksgiving Invitation

Thanksgiving Day, a yearly American holiday that celebrates our prosperity, is stepping over. We all hope to hold a hilarious feast with more people gathering together. Besides the big sweet turkey dinner, one important thing you can’t ignore is the Thanksgiving invitation. People may receive tons of invitations for Thanksgiving party during the time. If you have planned a hearty dinner, and want to make your Thanksgiving invitation stand out, a personalized Thanksgiving invitation should be prepared in advance.

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Step 1: Sweet Thanksgiving Wording
The content of your invitation card will be very important, which would deeply impress your friends. Here are a few Thanksgiving invitation ideas you may want to use:

Sample 1
Gobble, Gobble!
After the Thanksgiving feast, our bellies will Wobble, Wobble!
Join the Carver Family for Thanksgiving dinner
Thursday, November 25th
123 Oak Wood Drive
7:00 pm
Directions to June and Bob Carver’s home on back

Sample 2
I can’t imagine anybody else I’d rather be in a
Food-induced coma on the sofa with you!
Come join the Elroy family on our gluttonous
Thanksgiving holiday!
Thursday, November 25th
2397 Jones Blvd.
11:00 am
Directions and map to the Elroy family ranch on back

Sample 3
The turkey and ham have been laid to rest
So come join the Cantu family’s Thanksgiving fest!
Thursday, November 25th
413 Elm Road
6:30 pm
Directions and map to the Cantu family abode on back

Sample 4
The turkey has been basted and the table all set
All we need now is you as a guest!
Join us for a Thanksgiving feast fit for a king!
Thursday, November 25th
6534 Juniper Lane
7:30 pm
Directions and map to the Evans family on back

Tips: Sending out the invitation at least two weeks in advance, especially if the feast will be at a new home that many of your family and friends haven’t yet visited, so you can provide directions.  And if you are including directions, you may want to also include a small map on the back, as well as a phone number.

Step 2: Decorated Invitation Card
Sweet Thanksgiving wording is only half. Instead of a simple common card, a decorated personalized card will make your invitation tell more, and it’s very easy.

There are lots of ways for us to make nice Thanksgiving invitation templates with our photos and other decorations. Such as Photo Collage Studio (you can download it free here). It provides various templates for making our invitation card, perfectly matching the sweet invitation words. Also there are plenty of other decorations we can add on if we like. More details here.

What’s more important, we can directly share digital scrapbooks through email, Facebook, Flick, etc, or print it to send out right now. Here share you some samples I’ve made, and hope you like them.