How to Edit Videos on YouTube

The Easy Way to Touch Up YouTube Vids Online

Got some sweet footage you can’t wait to upload to YouTube, but feel the content looks a little rough? Or maybe you just want to add an electric blue filter or tip the whole video on its side 90 degrees?  Well, way back in September of last year, YouTube unveiled a basic editor for self-broadcasters like you.

This editor truly is basic, providing about the same features as that one-window wonder, Microsoft Picture Manager. Still, the fact is, YouTube’s online editor lets you edit already uploaded videos while also maintaining the same video IDs, making it possible to hold onto view counts and comments.

How to Edit Video on YouTube Step-by-Step

YouTube designed it’s on-site editor to work directly from your channel page. This way you can edit any video showing on your channel, whether it’s an old or new upload. Here’s how it works:

1. Upload your video on

Upload your videos.


2. On the uploaded file list, next to your video’s thumbnail, click the dropdown arrow located next to the ‘Edit’ button, select ‘Enhancements’ from the dropdown menu:

Select "Enhancements"


3. You’ll arrive at the editing workspace:

Now you can edit!


Once you’ve arrived at the editing workspace, you can:

– Stabilize hand-held footage
– Rotate videos
– Boost colors / contrast. (The “I’m Feeling Lucky” button provides 1-click color correction.)
– Add filters (including black and white, sepia, cartoon, etc.)
– Trim excess footage

Once done editing, all you have to do is click “save” to begin processing video edits. But in case you aren’t happy with the new product, it is possible to go back to the original version.
There is also a “save as” option in case you’d rather have multiple versions of the video.

Warning: If your uploaded video already has 1,000 views or is composed of third-party content, it will automatically be saved as a new video once edited.

Download and Save any YouTube Video, Free.

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