How to Burn VHS to DVD – Convert VHS to DVD on Mac

Converting Home Video System (VHS) to DVD is a great way to preserve, share and enhance those old tapes that may wear out. But how to convert VHS tapes to DVD on Mac?

Well, there is an easy way for you to burn VHS to DVD. Get a VHS to DVD Converter for Mac and follow the steps on how to capture video from VHS to Mac and how to convert VHS to DVD on Mac. In just a few minutes, you can burn your VHS tapes to DVD.

Before you burn VHS to DVD on Mac, you’ll need to capture the video from VHS tapes.

Part 1: How to Capture Video from VHS to Mac

Step 1. Configure capture card to your computer

There are lots of videos on YouTube show how to configure capture card to a computer. Designate a hard drive with a lot of free real estate to save the generated video files. Set the video quality as 720X480 (standard Digital Video format).

Step 2. Connect VHS player with capture card

If possible, use an S-video cable or cables with RCA connectors to connect your VHS player with the capture card. Otherwise, coaxial cable and the capture card tuner are OK.

Step 3. Start recording/converting VHS tape

Play the VHS tape to make sure no video chips are missed when recording. Keep an eye on the recording process and stop it when the tape comes to the end.

Part 2: How to Burn VHS to DVD on Mac

To burn VHS to DVD, you need a Mac VHS to DVD converter to help you easily convert VHS to DVD. Wondershare DVD Creator for Mac is a good VHS to DVD Burner for Mac. Fast DVD burning, high compatibility, custom settings, that’s it! Follow the steps to learn how to burn VHS to DVD with Wondershare DVD Creator for Mac.

Free Download VHS to DVD Burner for Mac, install it and launch the program, click “Create a New Project” to start creating a DVD.

Step 1: Load video or photo files into the program

Drag the videos or photos into the program or click “+” button to add. Photo importing is also available.

Step 2: Edit the Video Files (Optional)

Highlight a video you need and then click “Edit. Crop, rotate, split a video to trim unwanted sections, add watermark, set special effects, and apply different movie styles for the DVD etc.

Step 3: Make Custom DVD Menu for your DVD (Optional)

Choose from 90+ sets of animated and static DVD menu styles. If you like, you can also costomize the DVD menu according to your taste.

Step 4: Preview and Start to Burn

After finishing all the editing work, click the “Preview” button to preview your DVD project. If it’s ok, then click “Burn”, and choose “DVD Disc” option from the Drop-down menu.

Now you have burned VHS tapes to DVD on Mac. If you are a Win user, you can use VHS to DVD Burner for Windows.

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