How to Make a Homemade Baby Keepsake Gift

Babies are a great treasure that grow up too quickly. While practical gifts such as clothes and diapers are always appreciated, baby keepsakes that will help the parents cherish and preserve their sweetheart’s memories are warmly welcomed. Every little baby is unique in the world, and a personalized baby gift for them to memorize their growth will be great. Imagine that when your little one grows up and you give him/her some baby keepsake gifts recording his/her growth, how happy and surprised he/she will be!

It has been important to add your own personal touch to baby keepsake gifts to show your love. And nothing at local stores is better than homemade baby gifts. By creating homemade baby gifts, you show that you’ve put time and thought into the gift that you’re giving. And here are some personalized and unique homemade baby keepsake gifts ideas for your reference:


Homemade Baby Keepsake Gift Ideas

> Make a memorable baby photo DVD: Put your baby’s growth experience into a movie. This ia a good baby keepsake gift that can last for a long time and can even be watched on TV together to look back on those sweet time. Just use a DVD slideshow software to do it.

> Homemade baby cards and calendars: Put the photos of your baby or your family on the card or calenday to keep your sweet memories recorded. Every day, look at those personalized baby cards and calendars will be a kind of enjoyment.

> A personalized scrapbook as a baby keepsake: From the moment your baby was born, every little thing he does is a memory. It is important to document the physical changes they undergo and their many first achievements. Make a personalized baby scrapbook will be a good choice for baby keepsakes. You can explore some baby scrapbooking ideas >>

Baby Photo DVD — Personalized Baby Keepsake Gifts

It’s important to capture the happiness and beauty of your child as she grows quickly. Take photos of your baby is not only enjoyable, but also a good record of her childhood. A personalized baby photo DVD slideshow with background baby songs using an all-in-one dvd slideshow maker can be a precious gift to them as your baby grows up.

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Free Download Baby Slidshow Software to Make Baby Keepsake Gifts

Baby Scrapbook — Homemade Baby Keepsake Gifts

There are millions of things that you want to remember about your baby and how about making a scrapbook recording his life? Keeping all the memories of nice moments with a scrapbook and some baby quotes and sayings beneath the photos will be a gorgeous baby keepsake gift ideas! Look at the baby keepsake collage made by Wondershare Photo Collage Studio below:

Baby Photo Scrapbook Templates

Below are several baby scrapbook templates in Wondershare Photo Collage Studio. All the templates are free in the photo collage software.


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Free Download Baby Scrapbook Software to Make Baby Keepsake Gifts