Great Tips for Sharing Holiday Photos

The holidays are only days away. Have you got everything ready? Here is our suggestion: Enjoy the endless opportunities to take holiday photos and find your way to share them with family and friends. Usually, email is many people’s choice. But for a large amount of photos, this could not be a good solution. Nowadays, sharing holiday photos is convenient and secure as long as you take care of your privacy settings. Meanwhile, there are some other ways to display your holiday photos effortlessly.

Sharing online securely

Flickr and Picasa Web Album are 2 of the best websites you can share holidays photos with family and friends. Flickr is the photo sharing site that perhaps has the largest user community. But it allows you to monthly upload 300MB of photos, which can store about 100 photos. For a photography enthusiast, this will make them unhappy. By contrary, Picasa Web Album offers free storage up to 1GB. It works seamlessly with Picasa to organize, edit, create and share your holiday photos.

holiday photo sharing

Privacy Settings on Flickr
1. Click on your account name on top and go to ‘Privacy & Permissions’ to make privacy settings to your entire Flickr library.
2. On the right side, you could change the privacy to a single photo.
3. Click on the Share button above your photo to share photo via email, or share on Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, etc.

Privacy Settings on Picasa Web Album

1. On the right panel, click Edit to change ‘Public on the web’ to ‘Limited, anyone with the link’, or ‘Only you’.
2. Click the Share button to send someone a link via email, or get the sharing URL through ‘Link to this album’ on the right.

Creating Private Photo Gallery

Want to display a dazzling photo gallery online? It’s a good idea. You could just grab a gallery maker to design your holiday gallery on your desktop computer safely, and then send to others via email – Only those who you want could receive your holiday greetings. Of course, it’s optional to share holiday photo gallery on blog, website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Here is a Christmas Photo Gallery created with Flash Gallery Factory‘s 3D Wall template. More than 100 templates are included. Unlike online gallery making tools like Smugmug asking for yearly fees, it costs your onetime fee, but lifetime free upgrade (means more templates and better software).

Interactive Gallery: Click image to enlarge, again to restore; click ‘Play’ button on top to play continuously after enlarged.

Delivering a DVD slideshow

Once upon a time, people sent holiday CD gift to surprise family and friends far away from you. This Christmas, you could also make a holiday DVD slideshow and give your loved ones a special holiday.

Capturing and Sharing Instantly from Your Phone

It has never been easier to share holiday photos with the help of photo sharing apps for phone, whatever it’s an Android phone or iPhone. PowerCamTM is an iOS video and photo app that lets you apply real-time effects to enhance your captures. It’s free for limited time. Now set your creativity free with 50+ effects, including tilt shift, color splash, sketch, etc. Share holiday photos and videos immediately via email, or on YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and much more. Get it for free now.

holiday photo sharing

Know what? You can even make photo galleries on your phone and share with other via email or Facebook. Photorocket is such kind of iOS app. Storie: Holiday Edition lets you create flip-book-like photo galleries with your photos from camera, Camera Roll, Facebook and even Instagram. For Android, the choices are limited, but you could try Photo Gallery (For Facebook).

  • Peter Hansson

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