Cherish Your Graduation Day Memories

Graduation day, 2010. The long awaited day has arrived when all the hard work of years, culminates in this day of celebration. It is a milestone and an achievement. It is an end to one phase and the beginning of another.

On this day, never forget where you came from or the people that helped you get here, it’s their day too, remember what your parents, grandparents, teachers, aunts, uncles or other mentors taught you. Schools are all history, schools would be no more. However, no matter what you choose to do, your education will never be over.

On graduation day, one of those classic rites of passage, you may walked down the aisle to a hail of flashbulbs and hugs from family; may settled for an emotional last look, one backward glance on the day when you march bravely onward; may had a sense that in the future things would never be the way they were in this spring.

This was an era when the classrooms, ever redolent of chalk, floor wax and mimeograph machine fluid, didn’t change much. Along the way, you may also pause at important places – the top of the staircase where you used to chat with classmate, the fine Victorian desk where you learned reading and arithmetic.

Well, school day memories never fade as long as you cherish every moment. Even though you may not realize the significance now, remember this day and who was there to share it with you. How?

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Then, you can freely keep your graduation day memories forever. Whatever, so proud of you, happy graduation!

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