Google Announced Music and Movie Service for Android

Google announced music streaming service in beta and movie rentals for Android at Google’s annual I/O conference for developers, taking place this week in San Francisco. Google music service is s by invitation only for Android devices with at least version 2.2 and the exact date for fully open to all users is not announced yet. Google said it will be a free service as long as it is in test-mode, “for a limited time”. Google movie rental service is now available as a tab in the Android Market, but you can rental movie until several weeks later. Users can also “pin” both music and movie to their Android phones and tablets for offline consumption.

Have burning questions about Google’s Music and Movie service, like what exactly these new service are, how will they work for you, how to the make the most of them, and so on? Keep on reading.

What does Google Music actually do?

Google music lets you upload your personal music collection to Google’s service that you can get access anytime, on any computer or Android devices. Sound familiar? Yes, Google music is a lot like to Amazon’s recently launched Cloud Drive, including similar interface. But it includes several iTunes-like features.

“Keep everything in sync, and forget the hassle of cables and files,” Google said about music service on its Google Music page.

How can I use Google Music?
Like other Google products, Google music is incredibly easy to use. You just need to download “Desktop Manager” to upload your music collations. Music Beta lets you upload from iTunes, Windows Media Player, My Music, or other locations on an external or network drive. Once your music is uploaded, the Web-based player is basic but intuitive and easy to use.

Right now, Google Music is allowing users to upload up to 20,000 songs to Google online service free of charge. That’s quite generous compared with Amazon’s Cloud Drive’s 1000 songs limits of free storage.

google music beta

Ok, tell me something about Google Movie.
The movie service, which is now live as a tab in the Android Market, lets you rental movie at a price ranging from $2-$4. After you rent a movie, you can watch it on the web, or stream or even “pin” to any Android phone and tablet. You will have 30 days rental period and 24 hours to complete watching it.

google movie rental

As of now, both Google music and movie services are only open to U.S. users, but Google says it hopes to have the service available everywhere eventually.