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A List of Similar Games to Flappy Bird – Top 10 Free Games

Still upset about the removal of Flappy Bird? It’s barely a week since the removal of the popular game developed by a Vietnamese that had claimed it has totally ruined his life. The removal, has a matter of fact disappointed a number of gamers whose grown so fond of it.


It was so well-like owing to both it’s simplicity and complexity of the game. As the name suggests, all you have to do is flap (in order to navigate) whenever necessary to avoid hitting the obstacles and ended up killing yourself. The challenging part is that you can’t skip any of the levels or so-called obstacles. Hence, you’ll find yourself constantly replaying until you reaches the next level. The master key here is absolute patience.

Whether it’s a move to pay tribute, cash-in or to satisfy gamer’s demand, other developers had been coming up with similar games to Flappy Bird. The list below details the Top 10 Free Games that shares the same playing concept.


Top 10 Free Games


1. Maverick Bird – only available for the PC at the moment


The horizontal line in the background that comes in different shadings of the same color drives my eyes blurry. It’s slightly faster-paced compare to Flappy Bird, but it’s definitely less attractive looking. Overall, still a good game and personally, I find it harder to maneuver with the keyboard (with the arrow key).  Don’t be surprised if you don’t see any bird in it though!


2. Flappy Bert – only available for the PC at the moment


Imagine a cuter version of Bert being drag around by the bird in the attempt to avoid touching either the top or bottom of the pillars? It’s a little bit easier compared to Maverick Bird to get to grip with because it’s better animated in it’s background as well as the slower pace. I just need a better control of clicking with my mouse.


3. Flappybart – only available for the PC at the moment


If you prefer a static background, this would be it! I won’t actually call it a bird but it’s something that looks similar. Probably it’s a mix creature of bird and bat, that’s why it’s called ‘bart’? You just to need to press the Spacebar on your keyboard and ‘bart’ will bounce on either side of the walls. Make sure you avoid the sharp and pointy bits though.


4. Piou PiouGoogle Play


A bird with botoxed lips and cactus would be a refreshing scene if you’re sick of normal birdies. In Piou Piou, you’ll be able to survive the fall, which is a very different element compared to the other games mentioned. But, you’ll have to make sure you pass through the cactus and not get caught behind. Bonuses (or power ups) are available along way and some can actually help to speed you up, being invincible from the obstacles.


5. Squishy BirdsGoogle Play and iTunes


You certainly know how to squish, don’t you? Instead of flying them through the obstacles, you need to squish them with the pillars. How horrible is that? There’ll be splashes of blood on your screen too. Thankfully, it’s animated and not real-looking ones, or else, I’ll feel bad. This is the most similar one to Flappy Bird apart from FlappyDoge, in terms of graphic, the actual bird itself as well as the background setting.


6. FlappyDogeGoogle Play


That’s right! It’s a dog and not a bird. What’s more, it’s sharing similar backgrounds and other details as Flappy Bird as well as Squishy Bird. However, I find it easier to get myself killed trying to flap a dog rather than a bird. Give it a go and let me know if it’s the same for you?


7. IronpantsGoogle Play


Okay, this Ironpants almost got on my nerve! It really took me a while before I get pass the very first set of crate-looking obstacles. It’s definitely one of those which are designed to test your level of patience. I didn’t manage to fly too far with this because it’s just too much for today. Still, it’s a very good game. Just make sure you don’t drive yourself crazy with it.


8. Flappy BeeGoogle Play and iTunes


How about dangling spiders and a sweet honey bee? You can use either the mouse or the Spacebar to control your bee. Other than that, it’s less difficult to get started on this one and you can easily get some high scores even in your first few attempts. I’ll say it’s friendlier or less putting off compared to Maverick Bird, even though it’s more challenging.


9. Splashy FishGoogle Play and iTunes


It’s currently on the top of the list in App Store! It’s once again proven that games can be substituted or overtaken whenever there’s a new competitive entrance. Guiding your nemo look-alike fish across Greek-styled pillars at a fairly designed pace is surely more relaxing for me. Maybe it’ll have the same effect on you too.


10. Flappy FishGoogle Play and iTunes


An additional fish in the pond in case you’ll like to see it swimming through. The choice of a substitute game for Flappy Bird is still up to your discretion. Some like to flap it in the air whilst others just prefer the underwater. If you’re not fussy or will get easily bored, there’s certainly more to the list than the ones I’ve listed in here. It’s just the patience that you need to seek them out.


Last of all, have a great Valentine’s Day and enjoy your weekend!