How to Edit Videos Online with Free Online Video Editor

YouTube is the most popular video sharing website, and it has all the features that you need, both of watching and posting videos. Also, it has a free online video editor to help you edit your uploaded videos online.

See the different functions of This Free Online Video Editor:

1. Edit Videos Online – Trim Clips:
This free online video editor enables you to trim your video into clips easily. You can cut the segment that you don’t want at the beginning and end. So you can upload the raw video file from your camera or mobile phone straightly, which saves your time to import the video to a desktop video editing program.

2. Edit Videos Online – Add Transitions:
Although the transition effects in this online video editor are very few and basic, but they are very useful to smooth the gap between two video clips and give an amazing look for your uploaded video. Here the transition effects include Crossfade, Crossblur, Wipe, Heart and Star etc.

3. Edit Videos Online – Add Effects:
The video effects in the YouTube video editor are classic to give a different look and feel to your video. You can set the brightness, adjust the contrast, remove shakes and stabilize videos, or turn your video to black and white.

4. Edit Videos Online – Add Titles and Credits:
Add the opening and closing credits to make a more professional YouTube video. You can upload the standard ones to your YouTube account, and then go into this online video editor whenever you want to add them to your new uploaded video.

5. Edit Videos Online – Add a Soundtrack:
If you like, you are able to select your favorite song and add it to the audio track of your video in YouTube video editor. Then you can adjust the balance between the original audio and your new music.

6. Edit Videos Online – Make a Mash-Up:
Use YouTube online video editor to mash up your videos, which enables you to trim them to get your desired scenes, and put them together in the timeline, with an audio track.

Have never try YouTube free online video editor before, now you can get started as it is very easy to handle with this tool. If you want to backup YouTube videos or convert them to other compatible formats for playing on all portable devices, learn more from Video Converter Ultimate.