FireFox’s Built-in PDF Reader Comes

firefox-built-in-pdf-readerBeing under the spotlight, Firefox is going to be  the second major browser, after Chrome, to have PDF Reader within itself. Though it is the second web browser to being able to read PDF directly, it is said  this time Mozilla brings breakthroughs.

Firefox uses HTML5 and JavaScript to build the PDF reader, which reduces the chance to be attacked. As you  see, the most widely used way to render PDF on web browser is adding a native-code plug-in. These plug-ins not only add weight for web browser, but also enlarge the trusted code base, which means it is easier  to encounter code injection attacks, while HTML5-based implementation completely puts an end to the problem.

Firefox’s built-in PDF Reader is easy to use. Buttons on the top enables you to zoom in, zoom out and print. In addition, it allows users to view local PDF by browsing the hard drive. Thumbnails of PDF pages are on the left side of the main interface, offering a place to scroll through over these pages. But here is the question, why thumbnails are not on the right side? Many apps, like Preview, display PDF thumbnails on the right side. All in all, in my opinion,  the design is pretty simple. But it speeds up when opening PDF files. And it follows the trend to integrate tools together. Firefox really needs to go on a diet. Otherwise, one day it will fall behind.

To learn more details about Firefox’s built-in PDF Reader, please take a look at PDF.js.