Famous People Born on Leap Day

Thursday, March 1st, 2012 by Caleb

Leap Day is finally upon us again and that has us wondering; what’re the odds of being born on Leap Day? About 1 in 1,461—which means only 4 million living people are Leap Day babies.  Of those 4 million, we wondered how many made it to the ‘big time’.  Let’s just say there were more than a few game changers born on February 29th, but—let’s be honest—only a few we’d really ever heard of.  It wasn’t easy—and we had to include a couple dead ones—but here are eight that we’re pretty sure you’ve heard of.  Did we leave any out?  Let us know.  After all, we have the next four years to correct this list.

Famous People Born on Leap Day

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